WikiSuite vs OpenPaaS

OpenPaaS and WikiSuite have some similarities. This page is to explain the differences and rationale of choices. You likely will be interested in the other alternatives to WikiSuite.



  • OpenSaaS is the next generation of OBM. It's a rewrite in a different programming language while taking advantage of their extensive experience in the field. This has the "green field advantage".
  • WikiSuite was born out of Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware to address the need to expand out and add new functionality by partnering up with complementary components. This has the advantage of a larger feature set and a more mature code base but the disadvantage of some feature overlap. Some glueware between the components is required. In some cases, it's seamless and clean because, for example, it's using an open standard so it's a desired extension point anyway. In some other cases, it's not so clean because the purpose is to compensate for overlap between applications.
  • OpenPaaS uses ONLY OFFICE for editing documents
  • OpenPaaS does not support XMPP (but there are plans for a gateway) while WikiSuite picked Openfire is to fully support XMPP and to participate in improving XMPP over the long term.
  • OpenPaaS is mail-centric. As of 2019-01, the mail stack of OpenPaaS is superior (more integrated) than WikiSuite's mail solution. The WikiSuite is actively working to close this gap: Cyrus IMAP 3 and JMAP development.


OpenPaaS is licensed AGPL with the following clause:

In accordance with Section 7 and subsection (b) of the GNU Affero General
Public License version 3, these Appropriate Legal Notices consist in the
display of the Signature Notice “OpenPaaS is powered by Linagora.” for any 
and all type of outbound messages (e.g. e-mail and meeting requests). 
Retaining this Signature Notice in any and all free and Open Source versions 
of OpenPaaS is mandatory notwhistanding any other terms and conditions.

These Signature Notices can be freely translated and replaced by any notice of
strictly identical meaning in another language according to localization of the
software, provided such notice clearly displays the words “OpenPaaS” and 

Regardless of the notice language, the Logo/words "OpenPaaS" must be a clickable 
hypertext link that leads directly to the Internet URL http://open-paas.org. 
The Logo/word "Linagora" must be a clickable hypertext link that leads directly 
to the Internet URL http://www.linagora.com.

See also: https://www.linagora.com/en/post/2021/06/11/linagora-open-source-license-explained-shivam

The licensing for WikiSuite is less restrictive. The components in WikiSuite all have licences that are OSI compliant

    • permissive (ex.: Apache)
    • weak copyleft (LGPL)
    • strong copyleft (ex.: GPL)

but none have network restrictions like AGPL.

And about the clause to prohibit removal of “OpenPaaS is powered by Linagora.” on "all type of outbound messages (e.g. e-mail and meeting requests)": There is nothing like this in the WikiSuite ecosystem. You can change the user visible messages to anything you want. We hope you will choose to promote the WikiSuite project in any way that makes sense to you, and forcing such messages is something end users won't appreciate. It also reinforces the perception of "Single Vendor Open Source". It's much better to do everything possible to have Community Open Source.


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