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WikiSuite features an advanced content and user management system

WikiSuite web and intranet features have the power and flexibility to build simple-to-advanced smart websites and web applications to meet the needs of today’s businesses and organizations. Build company websites, blogs, forums, customer support systems, file management systems and much more with a centralized control panel in a few clicks. WikiSuite includes a super toolkit to manage data and content, to design, share, control, monitor, secure and maintain your organization's data, digital assets, information and documents.

Web & Internet
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With centralized control panels, do more, faster, easier and better!

  • Wiki pages are a central part of WikiSuite because a wiki is the best way to build and manage a large knowledge base that enables users to contribute in a secure and trackable format.
  • File galleries provide a files management center of the operation to save, serve and manage documents, videos, podcasts, images and other files.
  • Trackers are a very powerful system for performing complex data and database manipulation through a modern and user-friendly interface.
  • Many other content creation and management features are included and ready to use such as blogs, articles, forums, spreadsheets, calendars, polls, and newsletters.

Having all of these in the system and inter-connected enables organizations to build tailor-made information systems effectively and improve their performance.

While public pages are available for anyone to access, the WikiSuite website or intranet incorporates an advanced user rights system giving organizations the flexibility to set any level of user rights and data access. The overall role and permission system works in a granular way with unprecedented flexibility.

By having the ability to manage all segments and features of your website from a central control panel, you get the power and ease of use that saves time and increases the efficiency of your web portals. Websites built with WikiSuite are search engine friendly, cross browser compatible and fully responsive for mobile devices.


Website / CMS / Blog

  • Unlimited website pages
  • Categories
  • Blogs
  • RSS feeds
  • Tags

Wiki / Knowledge Base / Book

  • Custom URL schemes
  • Automatic page table of contents
  • Page author listing
  • Allow or disallow HTML input
  • Flexibly enabled WYSIWYG editor
  • Page lock timeout
  • Warn on edit conflict

Enterprise Social Networking

  • User groups for collaboration
  • User notification of page changes
  • User relationships
  • Integration with social networks

Customer Support / Issue Tracker

  • Create issue trackers
  • Assign trackers to users
  • Comments on trackers
  • Email notifications
  • Issue tracker status
  • Attach files to trackers

Web Framework / Workflows

  • Build forms to collect information
  • Process and assign information to users / groups
  • Track tasks and workflows
  • Import and export data
  • Generate reports

E-Learning / Quizzes

  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Polls

Video Management

  • Manage videos and audio and image files
  • Categories, playlists and channel-building
  • Metadata view/edit
  • Content trimming and clipping
  • Thumbnail creation
  • Search videos
  • Subtitles/captions
  • Moderation and editorial workflows
  • Time-based data and cue points


  • Threaded or flat view
  • Synchronization with mailing lists
  • Moderation and message queuing
  • Monitoring of forums and topics


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