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WikiSuite BPM and Analytics

Manage, Measure and Optimize your Business Processes

WikiSuite’s Business Process Management and Analytics platforms deliver a variety of capabilities in a single package, allowing organizations to systematize their operations execution and monitoring business processes from beginning to end. Knowledge management and collaborative tools enable leveraging information and opening doors for employee interaction in a real time secured environment. WikiSuite data analysis features enable organizations to make better decisions based on the statistical information of system usage.

BPM & Analytics
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Process is simply sets of activities and operations conducted regularly to effectively complete business processes.

A process can be:

  • Simple (e.g., order fulfillment) or complex (e.g., new product development)
  • Short-term (e.g., employee on-boarding) or ongoing (e.g., regulatory compliance)
  • Function-specific (e.g., proposal management) or industry-specific (e.g., energy procurement)
  • In a single department (e.g., billing), across an enterprise (e.g., strategic sourcing), or extended across the value chain (e.g., supply chain management)

Every organization has business processes, but too many organizations rely on outdated procedures (paper forms or other manual steps) and not using a centralized process management system. WikiSuite BPM features can increase the efficiency of any organization, thus reducing cost and boosting productivity. It can drive more growth, facilitate decision-making, and effortlessly improve customer and employee engagement.

Web Analytics

Analytics include all standard and advanced features to monitor and measure performance of WikiSuite. From basic to mission critical systems it helps decision makers make best decisions and improve performance of the organization. Track all user actions, analyse system logs, search and website analytics in real time.


Database / Forms / Reports

  • Build custom data input forms
  • Track data
  • Generate reports

Web Analytics

  • Real time data updates
  • Real User Monitoring
  • Site search stats

Reports / Stats

  • Scheduled email reports
  • Build custom reports

Surveys / Polls

  • Create and manage surveys
  • User polls

Business Intelligence

  • Access your dashboard from anywhere
  • Comprehensive trend analysis
  • Drill-down filters to narrow search results (faceted search)

Spreadsheet / Charts

  • Graphical reports
  • Aggregate data analysis
  • Advanced GUI

Project Management

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Powered by
Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware and Virtualmin (both have extensive logging and reporting capabilities)

Related roadmap for Tiki:

  • Add BPMN 2.0 capability: The plan is to integrate with Camunda.
  • Also to improve internal stats and reporting systems, so as to no longer rely on Matomo for the common use cases.