Cyrus IMAP 3 and JMAP development

Please see: blogpost16-WikiSuite-will-now-support-all-major-Linux-distros. While ClearOS's mail stack is powered by Cyrus IMAP, Virtualmin's mail stack is with Dovecot, so we will focus on efforts there. This page is kept for posterity.

WikiSuite will add support for JMAP via a combination of contributions to Cyrus, Cypht and the IETF standardization process.

Cyrus 3.2 with JMAP support is planned for March 2020.

On July 14 and 15, 2018, WikiSuite team members were at the July 2018 JMAP IETF Hackathon in Montréal , which was a follow-up to the March 17 and 18, 2018 event, where WikiSuite team members joined Fastmail at the IETF 101 Hackathon to work on JMAP. -> 2018 XMPP, WebRTC and JMAP Hackathons in London

As of 2019, the reference implementation is on ClearOS, but the future production implementation will be using containers.

ClearOS's 7.x's mail server is Cyrus IMAP 2.x This page is to coordinate testing of upcoming Cyrus IMAP 3.x , which brings new features such as CalDAV, CardDAV and JMAP support.


A lot of work is happening on the JMAP spec and associated code. We'll update cyrus.suite.wiki in November or December 2017 January February 2018 before the event to the latest developer snapshot.



JMAP spec

What is new in Cyrus 3.x


cyrus.suite.wiki is a shared development and testing server. Once the testing period is over, the server will be deleted so don't store any real data on this server. If you would like server access, please contact Marc Laporte


You can replace test with your login and follow the pattern below

User management

https://cyrus.suite.wiki:81/app/users (you need root access). And users need to login via IMAP for their account to be properly set up.









port 143
server: cyrus.suite.wiki
username: login (not full email)


port: 25?
server: cyrus.suite.wiki
username: login (not full email)
not working for me


port 993
server: cyrus.suite.wiki
username: login (not full email)
not working for me


port: 587
server: cyrus.suite.wiki
username: login (not full email)
not working for me

JMAP webmail

Test URLS, automatically logged in, as a different user:

Old non-working attempt


Confirmation that JMAP is working

[root@cyrus ~]# curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Accept: application/json" --user test:wikisuite -d '[["getCalendars", {}, "#1"]]' http://localhost/jmap/
[root@cyrus ~]#

[root@cyrus ~]# curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Accept: application/json" --user test:wikisuite -d '[[ "getMailboxes", {}, "#0" ]]' http://localhost/jmap/
[root@cyrus ~]#

Notes for future documentation page

How to install

  1. Set up MX records
  2. install the eGloo release package: rpm -Uvh http://mirrors.egloo.ca/egloo/clearos/7.3/stable/x86_64/egloo-release-7-2.noarch.rpm
    • This will be simpler in the future
  3. Then install the IMAP and SMTP apps:
    yum --enablerepo=egloo-clearos-devel install app-imap app-smtp
  4. You will also need to do the following:
    • Create the default SSL certificate via the “System - Settings - Certificate Manager” app.
    • Create a user with IMAP and SMTP enabled.
    • Login via an IMAP client in order to create a mailbox for the user.

Optional: How to install Mail Forwarding on ClearOS

How to use

  • The extra features (CalDAV, CardDAV and JMAP) run on port 80 and/or 443, so Cyrus IMAP interferes with web server. On this dev server, we use port 8080 for the JMAP client
  • See URLs patterns above

Clients tested


Automatic detection from email doesn't work but entering username, password and base URL works


  • Is it possible to have a logout feature? (which would make it easier to test with different accounts)

Known bugs / limitations

Accounts created in ClearOS are not reliably setup for CalDAV and CardDAV.

Solution: login to the account via IMAP.
peter.baldwin wrote:

Mailbox creation gotcha: The mailboxes get created on the fly:
- the first time the user logs in, or
- a mail message is delivered

peter.baldwin wrote:

The mailboxes for test and nikola.tesla were created, but the relevant subfolders were not. You can browse the mailboxes in /var/spool/imap/ by the way. Here's what it looked like in the log:

Aug 18 14:52:16 cyrus lmtp[12030]: autocreateinbox: autocreate inbox for user test was called
Aug 18 14:52:16 cyrus lmtp[12030]: autocreateinbox: User test, INBOX was successfully created
Aug 18 14:52:16 cyrus lmtp[12030]: WARNING: sieve script /var/lib/imap/sieve/t/test/defaultbc doesn't exist: No such file or directory
Aug 18 14:52:16 cyrus lmtp[12030]: Delivered: to mailbox: user.test

Looking back at my "peter" account, I can see that tried the RSS feed link for a sanity check - https://cyrus.suite.wiki/rss/user/peter This prompted me for a login and I could view my RSS feed. Under the hood, this showed up in the log:

Aug 17 18:18:47 cyrus https[19262]: login: cpe.teksavvy.com peter Basic+TLS User logged in SESSIONID=
Aug 17 18:18:47 cyrus https[19262]: creating sql_db /var/lib/imap/user/p/peter.dav

It looks like that "dav" folder is needed by the calendars and addressbook but only created on an IMAP login. If you were to login using an IMAP client, I'm guessing everything would be ok.

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