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Firewall, Anti-Virus, File Encryption and more

WikiSuite is built on arguably the world’s most secure operating system, ClearOS. WikiSuite’s application framework of course includes such security features as file encryption, user rights management, and registration systems to fully secure your sensitive data and provide safe access for authorized users. By using WikiSuite, organizations can reduce to a minimum the risk of data theft.

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Security breaches cost organizations millions of dollars every year

Data security is one of the most important concerns of all organizations today. The WikiSuite platform and applications are designed with this in mind, and it is one of the most secure enterprise suites available today. Having security layers at the operating system, network and application levels, WikiSuite empowers organizations to repel intruders as well as prevent accidental or intentional destruction or corruption of data.


LDAP User / Group Management

  • Set up radius for LDAP users
  • Create and manage user group policies

Intrusion Detection / Protection

  • Provides 13,000+ additional signatures
  • Weekly updates to keep up with the latest threats
  • Protects from SSH, FTP, POP3 brute force attacks


  • Prevents users from visiting sites designed to steal information
  • Protects users' personal information such as passwords and financial data

Password Management

  • Uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Twofish algorithm to encrypt password databases
  • Complete database is encrypted, not only the passwords
  • Master password is hashed using SHA-256
  • Protection against dictionary and guessing attacks
  • In-memory password protection

Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam

  • Prevents virus attacks against desktops, laptops, smartphones
  • Provides a gateway perimeter
  • Filters non-encrypted web traffic and FTP downloads
  • Anti-virus engine is based on ClamAV
  • Automatic updates with latest virus signatures
  • Stops email spam
  • Daily anti-spam signature updates

File Encryption

  • Encrypted volumes to protect confidential data from unauthorized access in the event the server is physically compromised
  • Data is stored in encrypted format unless volume is mounted
  • Mounting a volume requires password

Firewall / VPN

  • Administrators can open ports or port ranges for services
  • Custom firewall rules
  • Block particular IP or entire networks
  • Enhanced network security
  • OpenVPN

Registration System

  • User registration
  • User activity logs
  • User (Group) rights


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