Basic Data types

Let's list data types according to the MECE principle, (mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive)

Types of data for any organization Solution in WikiSuite Rating Why this rating Other apps
Structured data, forms and calculations (end user databases) TikiTrackers.org and Calculations A As far as we know, the most feature-complete Open Source Web-Based database/form creator, with over 50 field types. And there are multiple advanced features such as Shared Secrets. This can be configured to handle tons of use cases but it is not an out-of-the-box system to do specific use cases like accounting (for example) LibreOffice Calc and Base
Unstructured data / documentation / policies / procedures / diagrams Tiki's Wiki Engine / Diagram / PDF A Very powerful and mature MediaWiki, LibreOffice Writer, Impress and Draw
End user programming Advanced Wiki Syntax A Very powerful, and leverages all the power of Tiki, the Free / Libre / Open Source web application with the most built-in features.
Files Tiki File Galleries, Virtualmin file system, Syncthing B Has many features, but UI needs a modernization. Each app works fine as standalone, but no integration with rest of WikiSuite NextCloud, shared folders
Identity Management / Users / groups Tiki Users, Groups, Registration, External Authentication / Virtualmin users and Webmin/OpenLDAP C Tiki User Trackers require too much configuration OpenLDAP
Real Time / Videoconference / Screencast Jitsi Meet C Works fine as standalone, but no integration with rest of WikiSuite
Threads: News / Blogs / Forums / Mailing Lists / Comments Tiki Articles, Blogs, Forums, Comments C Features are OK but UI needs a modernization Discourse
Monitoring / Activity Stream / Logs Tiki Activity Stream, Tiki Logs, and Virtualmin logs C Need an expert to configure
OS / Virtual machine MeshCentral C MeshCentral is great but there is no integration with the rest of WikiSuite (But integration is not that important here)
Email (Usually means contacts and calendars as well) Tiki Webmail with Cypht and Tiki Newsletters

Virtualmin Email stack
C Poor integration between Tiki webmail (Cypht) and other tools like contacts and calendar. Work is ongoing to improve Cypht and to have a nicer integration: https://dev.tiki.org/Email-as-a-first-class-citizen Roundcube
Chat Openfire and Converse D Partial integration in rest of Tiki (ex.: users are integrated but not search) ok, for team chat, but lacks features to be like Chatwoot. And most of the communities are using tools like Gitter or Telegram for Chatrooms, so this is neglected. See list at Why Openfire
Source code Not handled by WikiSuite yet X GitLab

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