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Email and Calendar 

Accessible, secure and integrated enterprise-level email solution 

WikiSuite includes an enterprise-level, secure, and scalable Email and Calendar solution. It empowers users by offering an integrated Email / Calendar / Task system within WikiSuite which helps organizations work better with email. Its advanced email, security and control features make WikiSuite the safest and most powerful platform for system administrators to deploy and manage Email and Communication strategies in your organization. The web-based system is compatible with any platform and operating system using desktop computers or mobile devices.

Email & Calendar
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WikiSuite makes email work for your organization 

The integrated email solution in WikiSuite enables organizations to achieve more with their email. The easy to manage email administration panel gives you complete control and security over email communications. It is equipped to overcome the challenges faced by email systems today such as security concerns, spam and integration with the organization’s information system.



  • Supports IMAP
  • Attachments saved in file cloud
  • Searching and tagging emails
  • Supports third-party apps (mobile)
  • Connect with any web browser
  • Connect with any mobile device

Address Book

  • Any number of address books
  • Organize contacts hierarchically
  • Support contact details and notes
  • Share contacts (access control)
  • Multiple groups feature
  • Groups usable as mailing lists
  • Import and export of full books


  • Support multiple calendars
  • Single streamlined agenda view
  • Color coding for each calendar
  • Share calendars with other users
  • Event scheduling
  • Searching and tagging calendars


  • Powered with SpamAssassin
  • Shared spam folder
  • Ham (non-spam) folder
  • Quarantine system


  • Set custom criterias for filters
  • Automated filters to classify
  • Conversations threads view


  • Create multiple contact groups
  • Mailing list management
  • Drag & drop capabilities
  • Sending to groups or contacts


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