WikiSuite vs Google

Google started out with indexing and organizing publicly accessible data, and later added all kinds of tools to manage organizational and personal data. The main source of revenue is advertising.

WikiSuite can be seen as a FLOSS

Free / Libre / Open Source software

self-hosted alternative to G Suite (aka Google Apps). So for most of the tools that Google offers to manage your organizational data (including personal data in the case of home/family use), WikiSuite has an alternative. However, WikiSuite is not in the game of indexing public data, although something like DuckDuckGo or YaCy could be added later on.


  • Both are full-featured platforms, with a high level of integration to manage organizational data


  • Google is proprietary SaaS while WikiSuite is Free / Libre / Open Source software.

Organizational data

Google WikiSuite
Gmail Tiki Webmail, powered by Cypht
Calendar Tiki Calendar
Docs Tiki Wiki with or without WYSIWYG
Sheets Tiki Spreadsheet
Slides Tiki Slideshow
Drawings Tiki (MxGraph / draw.io) PluginDiagram
Hangouts Jitsi Meet
Voice FreeSWITCH and FusionPBX
Drive Tiki File Gallery and Syncthing for automated sync
Sites Various features in Tiki: Wiki, Blog, RSS, etc.
Contacts Tiki Contacts. Also, Tiki Trackers can be configured as a CRM.
Apps Script or Google App Maker For End user programming, use the existing feature set in Tiki, especially Trackers. JavaScript, jQuery and many other Wiki Plugins can be used. For more advanced use cases, you can use Tiki as Framework or even direct PHP and JavaScript.
Analytics Tiki activity logs
Picasa Tiki File Gallery
Tasks Tiki Trackers or Tiki Tasks
Google+ Tiki can be configured to make your own Social Networking
site Groups Tiki Forums
YouTube Kaltura

Public data

Google WikiSuite
Search We won't do search of public data, but for all your internal data: we have a search engine, including Search within files and increasingly some Natural Language Processing (NLP) features.
News Tiki can aggregate news via RSS: Article Generator Similar to Alerts, Tiki offers Stored Search.
Maps Tiki Maps can use Google Maps but also OpenStreetMap and others thanks to OpenLayers.
Google Shopping is a price comparison tool, which WikiSuite doesn't offer. But Tiki does offer a Shopping Cart.
Similarly, WikiSuite doesn't offer functionality like Google Wallet but Tiki does offer a Payment feature, and a system to track Credits.
Blogger/Blogspot Tiki Blog


Google WikiSuite
ChromeOS Lubuntu
Play F-Droid
Chrome Firefox
Chrome Remote Desktop MeshCentral
SketchUp WikiSuite doesn't offer anything but WebGL is on the radar!

Other alternatives