WikiSuite for Incubators

Incubators typically help new or young businesses or social projects grow and reach viability.

All organizations need tools like the ones in WikiSuite. Nowadays, too many new projects end up spending way too much time and/or money on developing the right cocktail of a technology infrastructure. If projects start from the beginning with WikiSuite, they can benefit from the experience of the community.

For the incubator itself

  • An incubator manages a lot of data. Tiki Trackers can help manage events, applicants, volunteers, etc.

For the incubated projects

  • All your incubated projects can use the same technology stack. They can learn from each other.
  • If a project fails (and let's face it, success rate is a challenge), the project promoters can re-use the same technology stack on their future projects
  • If a project scales, the technology can support them to grow massively. Please see: Constructive Cost Model COCOMO.
  • Via the WikiSuite community, projects can recruit talent
  • Some of the incubated projects can be to offer WikiSuite services, or use WikiSuite as a technology base for a project.
  • Since it's Free / Libre / Open Source software, they are never locked in or prisoners of someone else's business model. They can innovate!

Future project

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