WikiSuite for Long Tail use cases

WikiSuite is the most comprehensive and integrated Free/Libre/Open Source enterprise software suite. It covers most of the needs most organizations have.

Yet, there are always software needs that are "Long tail". And thus, for which there are not a lot of suppliers. Or needs that are unique to each organization. Or sometimes, the available off-the-shelf software is not quite right, and you get in the buy vs build software debate.

In WikiSuite, we use http://tikitrackers.org/ which permits to address very specific needs, while avoiding custom code and avoiding spreadsheet problems. It's just advanced configuration which is managed via wiki pages. This is known as end-user development or No-code development platforms.

WikiSuite vs industry-specific software


  • Tons of integrated features (which will be missing from industry-specific software)
  • With http://tikitrackers.org, your databases will be tailored to your precise needs. No fields that you never use.
  • Your initial use case can change and you can adapt. You can even tag on use cases, and keep using the same tool!


  • Industry-specific software comes with experience and knowledge about your use case. So you need to know your needs for WikiSuite to be configured optimally

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