WikiSuite for Startups

WikiSuite a Game Changer for Startups

Wikisuite Startups

WikiSuite provides startups tools to overcome challenges essential to succeed. WikiSuite includes top notch knowledge management, communication & coordination tools. Using these tools entrepreneurs can execute their business plan to its best. It can help establish and flourish organizations and increase its efficiency. We will give you an overview of how some of the WikiSuite technologies can be a game changer for your startup.

Plan, build and manage your startup with WikiSuite


Wiki Knowledge

With a Wiki you can build the business plan to all the business procedures, HR and client relationship polices along with your team in a shared yet well controlled environment. The Wiki can start from just a few pages to a large scale knowledge base serving your organization as you grow to learn & share information with the team. Detail

Ico Management

Project Management

Managing tasks, progress, and reporting with WikiSuite can help you keep up with the schedules. WikiSuite task & time management helps organize your human resources and keep everyone on the same page. An integrated project management system within WikiSuite helps centralize all data and management information. Detail

Tools Students


Real time & secure collaboration & communication within your team and clients is an essential element for your success. Specially for new age organizations working in distributed environments from different locations. WikiSuite provides full scale private video conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing features to empower your communication abilities. Detail

Ico Shop


Sell products, services or membership with WikiSuite commerce features. Selling online is one of the most convenient and effective ways to grow businesses today. Manage your inventory, customers, and integrated payment solutions with leading online payment solutions such as PayPal and others. Detail

Ico Video


Empower your organization with full scale Video platform of WikiSuite. Make use of multi user video conferencing, recording and streaming features and empower your organization. Speed up the learning process for your team and marketing of your business using videos. Detail



WikiSuite gives you complete control and security on the data using encryption, firewall, and with extensive permissions on user groups and segments of WikiSuite. The suite is equiped with security features any data sensitive organization can trust. Detail

Ico Analytics

BPM and Analytics

Manage, Measure and Optimize your Business Processes with WikiSuite™ analytics features. Get real time data updates, goal conversion tracking, event & content tracking, user interactions, and much more. All of this helps organizations measure and optimize their processes for better output. Detail

Ico Files

Files and Sync

Storing, organizing, sharing data files is an essential part of any organization today. WikiSuite is equipped with file management system empowering its users to store and share files with others within the organization or with third party resources securely and effectively. Detail

Ico Email

Email & Calendar

Emails are one of the most common method of communication. WikiSuite’s integrated email & calendar provides a better user experience to your team and control for the administrators. Web based access allow the users to reach their emails using any mobile or desktop computers. Detail

Ico Web

Web & Intranet

WikiSuite™ web & intranet features have the power & flexibility to build simple to advance level smart websites & web applications to meet the needs of today’s businesses & organizations. Build company website, blogs, forums, customer support system, file sharing and much more with centralized control panel. Detail

Ico Os

OS & Network

WikiSuite™ is built on the ClearOS operating system which is specially designed to manage server, network and gateway for homes & businesses. Equipped with intrusion detection, content filter, firewall, bandwidth management, domain controller, mail server and much more. Detail


Host it Anywhere

WikiSuite™ can be installed in your local intranet or in the cloud. Access to all features is from the browser and can be used with any device having a browser, i.e. laptops or smart handheld devices. All software features of WikiSuite are accessible from a browser running on any computer or handle held devices.

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