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WikiSuite information management tools can empower any institute, university or school to smartly build and manage information between students, teachers, faculty, and parents. A large number of educational institutes are already using wikis to build and share information. However, WikiSuite offers much more than a standard wiki.

WikiSuite is powered by industry-leading free open source software, which together can enable the building of knowledge bases and implementation of top-level communication and collaboration features.


Knowledge Management

WikiSuite provides tools to create, manage and share information in a most effective and secure manner. With detailed user groups, fine-grained permissions and a user actions history, you can be sure to keep your knowledge base organized. The wiki is a proven model to manage large scale information while maintaining the highest information quality standards.


Virtual Classrooms

The phenomenon of online learning centers has been very successful and can benefit any virtual or physical educational institute in providing their students with online learning facilities. With WikiSuite you can set up virtual classrooms equipped with audio, video, text, screen sharing and recording sessions.

Course Material

Create and Share Course Materials

Creating and managing course materials using a wiki-based system can have long-lasting benefits for your educational programs. Curriculum and course materials can be built collaboratively by the teachers to be available anytime they need it or want to update it.


Video Libraries

Videos are a prefered way of learning for students, and WikiSuite tools enable you to create, manage and share videos with the students. Record class room sessions, share lectures, and much more. WikiSuite has full-featured video management system for maintaining digital data.

Tools Students

Tools for Student Collaboration

Students can create working groups to share information, files, video conferences, and more as they work on research projects and other academic activities. Alumni can also stay in touch with their institute and guide students by sharing their experiences and the challenges they have faced.


File Sharing

Files can be shared securely with desired group of students, between students, or within the faculty of the organization. Group of users can work with shared folders to synchronize the files in real time. Find out more about WikiSuite File Sharing features.


Institute Public Portal

With WikiSuite you can create the institute's public website to share research, news, and other information with the world. An important aspect of this portal is that you can engage students and faculty members to collaborate and create news and informational content.


Quizzes, Surveys and Polls

Work with quizzes, surveys and polls for student engagement and assessment during or after classes. Short quizzes during the classroom sessions improve students' learning process and helps them gain better results. WikiSuite is fully equipped to create text-based surveys and quizzes as well as video-based quizzes.


Emails and Newsletters

Students and teachers can enable email alerts for any specific area in the system, and receive email updates whenever a change is made in that area. School administrators can also send newsletters to all or to specific groups of students.


Security Features

WikiSuite gives you complete control and security over your data, using encryption and a firewall, and with extensive permissions on user groups and segments of WikiSuite. The suite has security features that any data-sensitive organization can trust.


Host it Anywhere

WikiSuite can be installed in your local intranet or in the cloud. Access to all features is by means of web browser and WikiSuite can be used with any device that has a browser, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Get Started

WikiSuite is a free to download and install. If you need any help, visit our community forums or sign up for our paid support programs.

Educational Software Companies and Developers

Software companies working to create educational software can utilize WikiSuite to build knowledge management and collaboration tools for their clients. Join our Development Community to exchange information with other WikiSuite developers.

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