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Collaborating the Wiki Way

Sunday June 4, 2017

Wiki is one of the core technology in WikiSuite. We are using a much more powerful and feature rich Wiki named Tiki. The Wiki technology has proven itself with world famous projects like Wikipedia, WikiSpaces, PBWiki, and many others. Many businesses and organizations now are building their own Wikis to collaboratively build and manage knowledge base for their organizations which helps them improve in many aspects.

Today we want to talk about what aspects of Wiki makes it unique and powerful for collaborating online and building knowledge base.

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“A wiki is the greatest project tool that’s ever been created.” Says Vicki Davis (Classroom Wiki Pioneer)

Open Source

Wiki is an open source project available for anyone to download, install, modify and use for personal, commercial or non-profit use.

Wiki Formatting

Wiki uses its own syntax for formatting contents in a page. Wiki syntax is easy to adapt & learn and replaces HTML tags for page headings, bullets, tables, links and images etc. Unlike HTML tags WIKI syntax is very simple and fast. Many other content management systems are now also adopting Wiki like short codes to format contents in a web page.

For example in HTML if you want to create a heading you will write:

<h1>My Heading</h1>
Where as in a Wiki it will be only 
!My Heading


Although it looks a Wiki is open for anyone to make changes but actually it has complete control over who can edit a certain page. Administrators can setup multiple user groups and apply permissions to categories. More also the page administrator can also turn on the option for approvals before any change is made public. You may also block a page for any public edits.


It's actually Wiki which introduced versioning of a web page. Every time a wiki page is modified a new version is created. Users can see history and compare versions to see what changes have been made to a page.


Structures organize multiple Wiki pages into a tree or book that can be easily navigated by users. It helps in organize large contents into chapters like a book.

Compare & Roll Back

Two versions of a page can be compared with changes highlighted and administrators can rollback a page to any previous version.

Page Watch

Users can watch a Wiki page to get email alerts anytime an update is made to the page. This simple tool helps keep all participants and observers of any page to stay updated.

These are some key features of Wiki pages and how managing content in a Wiki is fast and facilitates teams to work together in real time.

Complete TIki Wiki Features List: https://doc.tiki.org/Features