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HTML5 Interactive Content Package Integration in Tiki17

Friday July 7, 2017

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H5P stands for HTML5 content package. It is an open source project launched from Norway and what they have done is to give user ability to build interactive content and then the ability to embed that content into your website. Flash was used to create such interactive contents which H5P can now build with HTML5.

There are many different types of interactive contents which users can create, share and reuse:

Content Types

More H5P Content Types

Interactive Video
Agamotto (Image Blender)
Arithmetic Quic

Audio Recorder
Board Game

Contact Button
Course Presentation
Dialog Cards

Documentation Tool
Drag & Drop
Twitter Feed
and many more...

H5P is introducing more content types and you can import them as they become available. The possibilities are endless and H5P interface makes it super easy to build interactive contents within minutes. We can create the content on H5P website and embed it in any website. Or we can go a step ahead and integrate H5P code within our website and create H5P interactive contents.

Tiki17 has integrated H5P with built in plugin

First of all, you need to enable the feature in control panel -> file galleries -> enhancements.

Enable H5p

Once the feature is enabled you need to activate H5P Plugin. Go to “Editing & Plugins” in the admin control panel of your TIKI to enable the plugin.

Enable Plugin

Once the plugin is enabled you will find additional option to create H5P content in the “File Galleries”

File Galleries

Click to create an H5P file and you will reach a new page to type in a file title and select content type. Once you select the content type you want to create you will see the options for that content type. For example check a few content type forms below:

Before creating a new H5P project you need to import (upload) some example content types (this will be improved for 17.1+).

Select from Different Content Types

You need to play with different content types and watch tutorials and help at H5P website. H5P interactive contents are a great way to train your team as well as engage website visitors in various activities.

Here are some videos for you to find out more about H5P