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Tiki17 makes collaborative digital publishing a breeze

Thursday June 29, 2017


Wiki pages are known to be the best way to build information collaboratively in web pages. Tiki17 now introduces powerful PDF output options from any page or page structures to produce PDF documents. Tiki17 users now can easily convert their website pages into high quality PDF documents ready to download. Possible usage includes publishing eBooks, generating reports, and brochures.

Some of the key features of Tiki PDF productions are as follows:

  • Custom Cover Image of PDF
  • Setup header & footer contents
  • Page size and margins
  • Custom page settings for any set of pages within a PDF
  • Page break to enforce a new page
  • Password protect PDF files
  • Watermark image or text
  • Use multiple pages to produce a PDF
  • Overwrite Global PDF settings and use Custom settings

New Tiki PDF capabilities are built on mPDF open source PHP script to convert UTF-8 encoded HTML into PDF files. There are more features in planning phase to make the PDF output even stronger. Over time, we will implement most of mPDF's vast feature set. Already, the mpdfmanual.pdf (8 megs download) is over 600 pages! For more information and feedback visit Tiki.org