2018 XMPP, WebRTC and JMAP Hackathons in London

These events have ended and were highly successful. Thank you to all participants and organizers!

Developers and testers: please join us!

When What Details Where
March 14 and 15, 2018 XMPP + WebRTC Hackathon with core team members of Openfire, ConverseJS and Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware Contact Marc Laporte for address
March 17 and 18, 2018 JMAP WikiSuite team members will join Fastmail at the IETF 101 Hackathon to work on JMAP, Cyrus, ClearOS and Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware . Please see: Cyrus IMAP 3 and JMAP development Hilton London Metropole W2 1JU

Detailed schedule

XMPP 2018-03-13 Tuesday

  • 19h30-21h+ group dinner and drink

XMPP 2018-03-14 Wednesday

9 to 12h Slow start up. Introduction of each person. For everyone to get time to get to know people they don't know yet
12h-13h30 group lunch (when Guus arrives)
13h30 official start of event
13h30-14h Set objectives for the event
19h30-21h+ group dinner and drink

XMPP 2018-03-15 Thursday

9 to 19h30 To be determined
19h30-21h+ group dinner and drink

XMPP 2018-03-16 Friday

  • Day: time off. Rest or tourism :-)

19h30-21h+ informal group dinner and drink

JMAP 2018-03-17/18 Saturday and Sunday


XMPP 2018-03-14/15

JMAP 2018-03-17/18

You should also register here: https://trac.ietf.org/trac/ietf/meeting/wiki/101hackathon

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