Why Cyrus IMAP and Cypht

Please see: blogpost16-WikiSuite-will-now-support-all-major-Linux-distros. While ClearOS's mail stack is powered by Cyrus IMAP, Virtualmin's mail stack is with Dovecot, so we will focus on efforts there. This page is kept for posterity.

As of 2020-01-08, this page is incomplete

Mail functionality in WikiSuite is handled as follows:

Please see general component criteria and the other Software Components for WikiSuite.

Why Cyrus IMAP and Cypht instead of the many options in this space? Very good question. One important reason: JMAP!

Why Cyrus IMAP

  • JMAP support
  • Very active development
  • Fantastic community and leadership, and weekly community meetings
  • Longevity: started in 1993!

Why Cypht

Why not Roundcube

Why not Kolab

  • Kolab is a great standalone mail stack suite. Kolab was the mail stack component in WikiSuite for the first few years, but it was too much work to integrate tightly and thus, it stayed quite standalone from the rest of WikiSuite. So we moved to a more tightly integrated solution.
  • Kolab uses Roundcube, which doesn't support JMAP

Why not Apache James

  • Apache James supports JMAP so it could have worked, but it would be too much work to integrate nicely. WikiSuite congratulates and thanks the Apache James project for their support of the JMAP standard.

Why not SOGo

SOGo is a very interesting solution, and was a strong candidate. However, no JMAP support, and it would have not been as tightly integrated as the chosen solution. SOGo is written in Objective-C (vs Cypht in PHP)

Why not Dovecot

No support for JMAP

Why not Zimbra

Why not Bluemind

Email required to download. "A valid email address is mandatory, we will send you a download link along with instructions."

Why not Zarafa / Kopano

Zarafa was an interesting solution, but it wasn't really Open Source. It was forked to Kopano, which should be better. Let's keep informed of their progress :-)

Why not Horde

Horde is a fully Open Source solution that has been around for a long time. And goes beyond just email with many other apps, including a wiki. And it works with Cyrus IMAP. This is a good solution. However, in the context of WikiSuite, we'll end up with a more integrated solution on our chosen path.

Why not EGroupware

Why not Group Office

  • It supports JMAP. Congrats!
  • But not fully Open Source. Features are split between the Open Source Community edition and the proprietary Professional editions, along with Separate Add-ons
  • https://www.group-office.com/

Why not SquirrelMail

SquirrelMail was a popular webmail a while back, but it hasn't kept up with the times.

Why not OBM

The team behind OBM has stopped developing it, and are focused on Apache James and OpenPaaS

Why not Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a desktop application. It can be used with WikiSuite by connecting via IMAP. However, we need a web-based solution as the main solution.

Why not Claws Mail

Claws Mail is a desktop application. It can be used with WikiSuite by connecting via IMAP. However, we need a web-based solution as the main solution.

Why not Gmail

Why not Office 365

  • Not Open Source

(to do: add all the other options)

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