Files vs web pages

Should we focus only on web-based apps or should we also cater to desktop apps which manage files? (ex.: LibreOffice)

Reasons to focus on files

  • A lot of legacy content
  • Access to more powerful apps. Ex: KeePass has all kinds of desktop integrations not possible in a browser (well perhaps with plugins...). And KeePass data files can be accessed via PHP and JavaScript (not mature, but possible)

Reasons not to focus on files

  • Adds complexity of offline syncing
  • App may not be available for all clients
  • Increases overlap of features

We should instead focus on a web interface to

If we do focus on files, how?

Files should live where the app lives

We focus on Virtual desktop infrastructure, accessible via a web browser or a client such as VNC client. Please see MeshCentral.

Files accessible via Syncthing

Via the web interface or WebDAV

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