Virtualmin and Syncthing for automated offsite backups

Virtualmin backups have many features, and here are the current destination options:

  • Local folder
  • FTP
  • SSH
  • Webmin
  • Amazon S3
  • Rackpace
  • Download link

We will add native support for Syncthing in Virtualmin, which will permit things that none of the current options can do.

Criteria local folder FTP SSH Webmin Amazon S3 Rackpace Download link Syncthing (partially developed already)
Full data control (does not require external service) yes yes yes yes no no yes yes
Automatic / Unattended yes yes yes yes yes yes no yes
Off-server no yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Devices can be behind the firewall, and without a fixed IP address n/a no no no n/a n/a yes, manually yes, to your laptop or an Android
P2P / multiple (each node can sync with the others, which is different than setting up multiple destinations) no no no no depends on provider depends on provider no yes
Only send new or modified files n/a no no (unless rsync) ? ? ? n/a yes
Cold storage / asynchronous (machine can be turned on/off anytime, and it just gets data when machine is online) n/a no no ? n/a n/a n/a yes
Data is encrypted in transport n/ a If FTPS yes yes? yes? yes? yes, with Virtualmin HTTPS yes
Throttling: Can set Incoming and Outgoing Rate Limit (KiB/s) n/ a ? ? ? ? ? no yes

To be added to the chart

Status as of 2023-03-07

  • Within the WikiSuite installer, a Syncthing installer is provided.
  • Once Syncthing is installed for a Virtual Server, you need to set up automated backups to a directory and use that directory for Syncthing

This all works but we want to make it easier

  1. Spin out a Syncthing for Virtualmin app that is totally independant from WikiSuite. So you can install on any Virtualmin instance
  2. When the app is installed, add Syncthing as an option directly along SSH, FTP, Amazon S3, etc.