Set up email with Virtualmin and Cypht within Tiki

Create email account

Virtualmin > Edit User > Add a new user to this server


Configure email account to Tiki's webmail

Tiki integrates the Cypht webmail, which can aggregate email from many accounts, using standards: IMAP, SMTP, JMAP

For more info, please see: https://doc.tiki.org/Webmail

To access Control panel
https://example.org/tiki-admin.php -> activate advanced preferences > enable Webmail +-
or visit directly http://example.org/tiki-admin.php?page=webmail

Configuring webmail accounts
After enabling webmail from the features section of the admin panel you will be able to enter the webmail section from the application menu. In your first visit to the webmail you will be automatically redirected to the webmail configuration panel.