Deployment scenario: Enterprise department

See also: WikiSuite for Enterprise Departments


  • A department of a large organization
  • All employees are supplied computers
  • IT supplies some services (Email, shared drive), but not yet some others (Chat, videoconference, wiki, End-user development (EUD), etc.)
  • Some team members working remotely, connecting in via the VPN


  • One virtual machine
  • A sub-domain. Ex.: legal.example.com
  • RAM: 3 gigs minimum for videoconferencing.

Typical needs

  • Department portal
    • Wiki
    • Trackers (forms and databases, to reduce reliance on email)
    • End-user development (EUD) tools
    • Real-time collaboration (XMPP and WebRTC)
    • Blog
    • Calendar

Apps installed

Install apps depending on your use case: