WikiSuite vs OpenPaaS

OpenPaaS and WikiSuite have some similarities. This page is to explain the differences and rationale of choices. You likely will be interested in the other alternatives to WikiSuite.


  • Both are designed for the enterprise
  • Both are reusing existing components with a goal to produce a unified user experience
  • Both are upstreaming all fixes and enhancements
  • The teams behind each project have a long experience of producing FLOSS apps (OBM and Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware)


  • OpenSaaS is the next generation of OBM. It's a rewrite in a different programming language while taking advantage of their extensive experience in the field. This has the "green field advantage"
  • WikiSuite was born out Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware to address the need to expand out and add new functionality by partnering up with complementary components. This has the advantage of a more mature code base and the disadvantage of some feature overlap. Some glueware between the components is required. In some cases, it's seamless and clean because (ex.: it's using an open standard so it's a desired extension point anyway). In some other case, it's not so clean because it's to compensate for overlap between applications.
  • OpenPaaS does not support XMPP (but there are plans for a gateway) while WikiSuite picked Openfire to fully support XMPP and to participate to improving XMPP over the long term.


Is OpenPaas multi-tenant? (highly likely yes). WikiSuite is not.

  • OpenPaaS seems to be moslty supported / developed by a single entity (Linagora): Are there plans or a strategy to be more of a community with multiple entities supporting it?

Other alternatives

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