What is WikiSuite?

WikiSuite is a Free / Libre / Open Source software (FLOSS) enterprise suite

What is Free / Libre / Open Source software (FLOSS) ?


What is an enterprise suite?

The enterprise suite category is for solutions for organizations that cover more than 10 traditional software categories in an integrated fashion (ex.: logins work throughout all features, etc.)

What makes WikiSuite special?

It is the most comprehensive and integrated Free / Libre / Open Source enterprise software suite ever developed

What are components?

They are the individual software applications that comprise WikiSuite. Please see: Software Components

How were components picked?

Very carefully :-) Please see: component criteria.

Do I have to use everything in the Suite?

No. Don't install / activate what you don't need.

Can I replace part of the Suite?

Yes, it's all Free / Libre / Open Source (FLOSS). You can use different components which suits you better (legacy data, better features, etc.) Please do share why / how you did this so other can learn and make better choices for their projects.

What is the license?

All Software Components are released under an OSI-approved license. Please see each component page for the specific license.

Since the WikiSuite is formed of various components, how will it have consistency in the user interface?

  • We are working to move all components to Bootstrap (a front-end web framework).

Is WikiSuite multi-tenant?

No. The main use case is to set up a server (virtual or physical) for each project. But several domains can be supported as aliases, so you could have both example.org and example.com but only one user johh.smith

Would it be possible to make it multi-tenant?

  • ClearOS is not, but domain alias is easy.
  • Openfire is not, and domain alias requires some trickery
  • Kolab can be
  • Tiki can be but requires significant configuration. Domain alias is easy.

An alternative: Orchestrator

Rest of content is still at https://suite.tiki.org/Tiki+Suite+FAQ