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mPDF 7.0.0 Released

Saturday October 21, 2017

Mpdf7 Released2

The open-source engine behind WikiSuite capabilities to convert HTML pages to PDF is mPDF. mPDF recently released version 7.0.0 which has major changes in the code structure and performance of the HTML to PDF engine. mPDF started in 2008 and is a leading open source technology for PDF generation which has reached over 2 Million Downloads!

We want to congratulate the team behind mPDF for their great work and building an impressive HTML to PDF converter.

Find out detail about mPDF changes in 7.0.0 and get download link at

See how mPDF works with Tiki the Web Component of WikiSuite

Over 2 Million Downloads on Packagist.org!

WikiSuite - the business operating system

Friday September 22, 2017

Wikisuite Bos

WikiSuite is a modern enterprise suite with such broad and deep capabilities that it can truly be called a "business operating system" — an enterprise suite that encompasses most of the business processes found in typical diversified companies and organizations. To meet its objectives, every enterprise, large or small, requires a digital platform strategy that addresses its business and IT needs. WikiSuite is composed of specialized technologies designed precisely to meet the digital needs of today's organizations.

Here is an overview of WikiSuite - the business operating system.

Underlying OS

WikiSuite runs on ClearOS, a Linux-based open source operating system especially built for server, network and gateway systems. ClearOS is fully web-based and available across different device types and networks. ClearOS can be installed to power your local intranet and/or your presence on the Internet, depending on your connectivity requirements. It provides a secure platform for all of the WikiSuite applications. For details, please visit http://wikisuite.org/OS-and-Network.


One of the first and most basic requirements of any business is effective communication, through multiple channels and in real time. WikiSuite provides solutions from traditional email to advanced video conferencing. Find out more about WikiSuite Chat and Video Conferencing and Email and Calendar features.


Teams with a superior ability to collaborate and integrate naturally work more smoothly and produce better results. WikiSuite offers features ranging from automated file syncing to real-time collaborative content development for your teams in a secure and controlled environment. With WikiSuite, you can set up user group and category areas to provide appropriate user access to specific segments of the system. Multiple group and object-level user rights enable the management of many people in the system.

Knowledge Sharing

Information created can be shared by setting up public and private web portals. WikiSuite builds websites equipped with modern features such as a CMS (for news and announcements), blogs, forums, e-commerce solutions and more. For an extensive list of the WikiSuite web application features, please visit https://doc.tiki.org/Features.

Business Processes

WikiSuite can help you design and control your business operations management. Optimize your performance with centralized and integrated management features. No matter if it's manufacturing, retail, marketing or research, or other field, WikiSuite offers flexible tools and technologies to manage and improve processes with statistical data and other information. Analyze and make better decisions informed by actual data available in real time. Find out more at http://wikisuite.org/BPM-and-Analytics.

Choosing the right technologies for any organization is a critical decision. All WikiSuite apps are industry-leading open source technologies and are being actively developed by their respective teams and communities. The WikiSuite team itself works directly with other relevant open source projects and brings them together within the WikiSuite platform as the most comprehensive and integrated Free / Libre / Open Source enterprise software suite ever developed.

What can this business operating system do for you?

Once configured and deployed for your organization, it will become an invaluable and important asset for your organization. Here are some abilities you have with WikiSuite that make it the best option for any small or medium organization, especially one that is knowledge-centered.

  • Take advantage of all the benefits of100% open source software.
  • Keep control of your data and manage it securely.
  • Optimize and streamline your business.
  • Build your business knowledge base.
  • Save hardware and software costs to do all that WikiSuite does.
  • Take comfort in the availability of paid support and management if needed.

Where we are headed

WikiSuite is working directly with the teams behind the spectacular open source systems integrated with it. Forming a unique set of features and tools to manage data in any organization. Founded in 2011, WikiSuite is the most comprehensive and integrated open source enterprise suite available today for Free. Our mission is to empower organizations better manage, secure and use their information, to become data-driven, and achieve their optimal performance.

Getting started — : How to Install WikiSuite

Do get in touch with us, comment or contact us, and we will be glad to assist you.

Tiki 17.0 Overview

Friday August 11, 2017

Tiki17 Overview W

Tiki is one of the core components of WikiSuite and provides key features to manage private and public information, files, tasks, and other data of an organization. The much talked about Tiki 17.0 was released a few days ago and we would like to introduce you to the key improvements and additions in this stable release.

New libraries and features are added in Tiki 17.0 in addition to the up-gradation of many existing features. Key options introduced are as follows:

1- H5P

As we talked about it earlier, this tool creates and publishes HTML5 interactive contents such as surveys, polls, quizzes, interactive videos and much more. For more information on H5P content visit our previous blog.

2- mPDF

Tiki already had the capability to produce PDF files from Tiki pages. However, with mPDF Tiki is much more powerful and feature-rich in exporting PDF files with a set of advanced features. Now you can export HTML/Wiki pages to e-books, reports, brochures, profile, from your Tiki website. For more information on mPDF capabilities and features visit our detailed blog on PDF generation from Tiki.

3- Browser Automation

Web Scraping with PhantomJS and CasperJS: PhantomJS is a headless WebKit with JavaScript API, and therefore, it is an optimal solution for fast headless testing, site scraping, pages capture, SVG renderer, network monitoring and many other use cases. CasperJS is a navigation scripting & testing utility for PhantomJS among others.

Other enhancements include: New HTTP headers were added for enhanced security, password blacklist to stop users from using common (easy) passwords, improved search, trackers and more.

For a complete list of features, you can visit

HTML5 Interactive Content Package Integration in Tiki17

Friday July 7, 2017

Blog H5p2

H5P stands for HTML5 content package. It is an open source project launched from Norway and what they have done is to give user ability to build interactive content and then the ability to embed that content into your website. Flash was used to create such interactive contents which H5P can now build with HTML5.

There are many different types of interactive contents which users can create, share and reuse:

Content Types

More H5P Content Types

Interactive Video
Agamotto (Image Blender)
Arithmetic Quic

Audio Recorder
Board Game

Contact Button
Course Presentation
Dialog Cards

Documentation Tool
Drag & Drop
Twitter Feed
and many more...

H5P is introducing more content types and you can import them as they become available. The possibilities are endless and H5P interface makes it super easy to build interactive contents within minutes. We can create the content on H5P website and embed it in any website. Or we can go a step ahead and integrate H5P code within our website and create H5P interactive contents.

Tiki17 has integrated H5P with built in plugin

First of all, you need to enable the feature in control panel -> file galleries -> enhancements.

Enable H5p

Once the feature is enabled you need to activate H5P Plugin. Go to “Editing & Plugins” in the admin control panel of your TIKI to enable the plugin.

Enable Plugin

Once the plugin is enabled you will find additional option to create H5P content in the “File Galleries”

File Galleries

Click to create an H5P file and you will reach a new page to type in a file title and select content type. Once you select the content type you want to create you will see the options for that content type. For example check a few content type forms below:

Before creating a new H5P project you need to import (upload) some example content types (this will be improved for 17.1+).

Select from Different Content Types

You need to play with different content types and watch tutorials and help at H5P website. H5P interactive contents are a great way to train your team as well as engage website visitors in various activities.

Here are some videos for you to find out more about H5P

Tiki17 makes collaborative digital publishing a breeze

Thursday June 29, 2017


Wiki pages are known to be the best way to build information collaboratively in web pages. Tiki17 now introduces powerful PDF output options from any page or page structures to produce PDF documents. Tiki17 users now can easily convert their website pages into high quality PDF documents ready to download. Possible usage includes publishing eBooks, generating reports, and brochures.

Some of the key features of Tiki PDF productions are as follows:

  • Custom Cover Image of PDF
  • Setup header & footer contents
  • Page size and margins
  • Custom page settings for any set of pages within a PDF
  • Page break to enforce a new page
  • Password protect PDF files
  • Watermark image or text
  • Use multiple pages to produce a PDF
  • Overwrite Global PDF settings and use Custom settings

New Tiki PDF capabilities are built on mPDF open source PHP script to convert UTF-8 encoded HTML into PDF files. There are more features in planning phase to make the PDF output even stronger. Over time, we will implement most of mPDF's vast feature set. Already, the mpdfmanual.pdf (8 megs download) is over 600 pages! For more information and feedback visit Tiki.org

Collaborating the Wiki Way

Sunday June 4, 2017

Wiki is one of the core technology in WikiSuite. We are using a much more powerful and feature rich Wiki named Tiki. The Wiki technology has proven itself with world famous projects like Wikipedia, WikiSpaces, PBWiki, and many others. Many businesses and organizations now are building their own Wikis to collaboratively build and manage knowledge base for their organizations which helps them improve in many aspects.

Today we want to talk about what aspects of Wiki makes it unique and powerful for collaborating online and building knowledge base.

Wikisuite Blog...

“A wiki is the greatest project tool that’s ever been created.” Says Vicki Davis (Classroom Wiki Pioneer)

Open Source

Wiki is an open source project available for anyone to download, install, modify and use for personal, commercial or non-profit use.

Wiki Formatting

Wiki uses its own syntax for formatting contents in a page. Wiki syntax is easy to adapt & learn and replaces HTML tags for page headings, bullets, tables, links and images etc. Unlike HTML tags WIKI syntax is very simple and fast. Many other content management systems are now also adopting Wiki like short codes to format contents in a web page.

For example in HTML if you want to create a heading you will write:

<h1>My Heading</h1>
Where as in a Wiki it will be only 
!My Heading


Although it looks a Wiki is open for anyone to make changes but actually it has complete control over who can edit a certain page. Administrators can setup multiple user groups and apply permissions to categories. More also the page administrator can also turn on the option for approvals before any change is made public. You may also block a page for any public edits.


It's actually Wiki which introduced versioning of a web page. Every time a wiki page is modified a new version is created. Users can see history and compare versions to see what changes have been made to a page.


Structures organize multiple Wiki pages into a tree or book that can be easily navigated by users. It helps in organize large contents into chapters like a book.

Compare & Roll Back

Two versions of a page can be compared with changes highlighted and administrators can rollback a page to any previous version.

Page Watch

Users can watch a Wiki page to get email alerts anytime an update is made to the page. This simple tool helps keep all participants and observers of any page to stay updated.

These are some key features of Wiki pages and how managing content in a Wiki is fast and facilitates teams to work together in real time.

Complete TIki Wiki Features List: https://doc.tiki.org/Features

WikiSuite at FOSDEM 2017

Friday June 2, 2017

FOSDEM stands for Free & Open Source Software Developers’ European Meeting. It is a free for all open event without any registration where open source software developers meet, share ideas and collaborate. Thousands of software developers gather in Brussels Belgium every year for the event. It is a great event to interact and exchange knowledge with other open source developers and project leaders.

Marc Laporte was representing WikiSuite alongside other project components Tiki, Kultura, Kolab, FreeSWITCH, and Jitsi Meet.

Marc Laporte Founder WikiSuite Interview

Christian Mollekopf of Kolab Interview

Alexander Mette of Tiki.org

FreeSWITCH (Giovanni Maruzzelli) at FOSDEM 2017

Jitsi Meet - Saúl Ibarra Corretgé at FOSDEM 2017

Subscribe to our Youtube Channel. See you next year at FOSDEM 2018!

Why an Enterprise Suite

Tuesday August 2, 2016

In today’s fast digital world all businesses and organizations are required to work with multiple data sources to perform various functions. Multiple software are used to manage emails, websites, internal data, customers, sales and other processes. Choosing the right technologies, software and their combination is very important to increase organizational efficiency and productivity.

WikiSuite is a perfect example of Free open source software grouped together to form an Enterprise Suite to build & manage organizational data and increase performance. WikiSuite provides almost 80% of all the standard applications any organization needs.

Wikisuite Blog.....


Working with different isolated softwares can be a hurdle in performance of your organization. WikiSuite integrates these software applications in one Enterprise Suite and increases efficiency, control and security of your data. It reduces your workload to manage users on different applications and once integrated you can use them all with the same user account. More also these applications are able to share information with each other to reduce redundant data in the system.


Organizations have multiple users connected at various levels working at different applications. WikiSuite provides shared communication channels between different resource groups to communicate from any device and platform. It simply can boost any organization’s performance by providing communication and sharing apps such as video conferencing, text messenger, screen sharing, and drawing board within an Enterprise Suite.


A well integrated Enterprise Suite provides administrators and managers better control and security of their data & resources. A distributed network of softwares and resources increase vulnerability for data losses, security holes and slow performance. WikiSuite provides complete control over all the data, its encryption and sharing.


WikiSuite is built from the ground up and is fully independent to function without the need of any additional softwares. Starting from the operating system to software applications and integration, everything is available within WikiSuite.

Being open source and having support of community behind every software application, WikiSuite do not lock down any organization. Organizations using WikiSuite can have complete control over their data without compromising/sharing it with any third party organizations. With a community behind software applications you get ongoing upgrades and new features.

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