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Manage Your Trade with WikiSuite Commerce

Sell anything from Membership to Products or Services using WikiSuite™ Commerce features. Manage your products/services, customers, orders, promotions, customer rewards, shipping, stock, warning level, payment gateway, support inquiries and advertising system securely online. Catalog display is easily enhanced using ElasticSearch to offer your visitors infinite way to filter, classify, bookmark, and refine their research as well as your own marketed workflow.

Wikisuite Commerce Mobile

Flexible options

Sell event tickets to products online, you have eCommerce features available within WikiSuite™. Some advanced features include managing & distributing digital signage, social media marketing and sales force management. One platform for all your commerce needs. Specific cases like, Membership, Elearning, Image or Audio Market place as well as others are ready to be assembled with validity, duration, tokenization and more options and capabilities.

You’ll be able to linkup with your organisation different branch or external partners through a complex and accurate system of groups and permission. Advanced interaction can be implemented using APIs, SOAP or internal controllers custom code. Being an open source solution you have complete control over making any changes or enhancements you may require to adapt to your business model.


Customer / Membership Management (CRM)

  • Customers directory
  • Customer history
  • Email alerts
  • Customisable fields
  • Customer tickets management

Shopping Cart / Payment

  • Multiple payment options
  • Shipping fees calculator
  • Wish list & Special offers
  • Recurrent cart & order
  • Promotion and Discount options
  • Related products
  • coming soon

Sales Force Management

  • Custom and modulable dashboard
  • Different level of support
  • Automatisation (currency, catalogue, etc)
  • Product archiving
  • Actions logging
  • coming soon

Advertising / Social Networks

  • Share special offers & products on social media
  • Complex promotion calcualtion
  • Customer rewards
  • Advertising & Banner system

Event Management

  • Multiple events creation
  • Register for events
  • Online reservations
  • Market place toolkit

Digital Signage

  • Create digital content
  • Manage display devices
  • Manage digital content distribution
  • Support Exif and Copyright tags

Accounting (Alpha)

  • coming soon
  • coming soon
  • coming soon
  • coming soon
  • coming soon


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