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OS and Network

A smart server for all your information management needs

WikiSuite runs on ClearOS which is a free and open source cloud-connected server, network, and gateway operating system. ClearOS is designed for organizations and distributed environments. It offers an extensive list of features and integrated services. Based on well-established CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, its source code is available mostly under the GPL version 2 software license.

Wikisuite Os Mobile

Simple and Elegant Web Management

A comprehensive graphical web user interface makes day to day management and complex strategy implementation easier than ever before. And an online marketplace of free and paid apps provides additional features and enhancements on the go. Connect from any device and operating system using a web browser.


Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  • Automatic and human readable summary
  • More coming soon
  • More coming soon

Unified Index / Search

  • Fast and efficient
  • Based on aggregate results
  • Support multiple search engines internally
  • More coming soon

Virtualization (Any Client OS)

  • Multiple operating systems running side-by-side
  • Multiple project version available for evaluation
  • Saved states available for comparison
  • More coming soon


  • More coming soon
  • More coming soon


  • More coming soon
  • More coming soon
  • More coming soon

Router / Gateway / Firewall

  • Content filter engine
  • Gateway antiphishing
  • Gateway antivirus
  • Intrusion detection system
  • Web access control
  • Web proxy server
  • Custom firewall


  • 1-to-1 NAT
  • Bandwidth manager
  • DHCP server
  • DMZ
  • DNS server
  • IP settings
  • ibVPN
  • Multi-WAN
  • NTP server
  • Network map
  • Open VPN
  • PPTP server
  • Port forwarding
  • RADIUS server
  • SSH server


  • Advanced print server
  • Antimalware file scanner
  • AppleTalk server
  • Directory server
  • FTP server
  • Flexshare
  • Mail greylisting
  • IMAP & POP server
  • Mail antispam
  • Mail antivirus
  • MariaDB database server (MySQL)
  • Microsoft active directory connector
  • Photo organizer
  • Plex media server
  • Roundcube webmail
  • SMTP server
  • Samba directory (beta)
  • Serviio media server
  • Transmission BitTorrent client
  • Web server
  • Windows networks (Samba)


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