History: ClearOS WIFI Support

Preview of version: 3

ClearOS can be setup as a network router and has many features, but its lacking WIFI, forcing us to use an access point to serve the network.

There should be a way to setup ClearOS as a WIFI access point, as well as use a wireless card as its WAN or LAN port. It should also be able to host multiple WIFI networks, like most current routers, where you can have your WIFI plus one for visitors.

Although a WIFI connection might not be ideal for a WAN port, it may be needed if you are connecting two offices over a large area with antennas.

There is a deprecated app: https://www.clearos.com/resources/documentation/clearos/content:en_us:7_ug_wireless
We should find out why it never made it to an official app status and see if/how we can do better.

Note that currently ClearOS supports basic WiFi. If you install app-wireless-core then you get basic WAN wireless functionality in the Webconfig > Network > Settings > IP Settings where you get an extra panel at the bottom of the interface settings. For the WAN you can only use WEP.

You can also get WiFi support on the LAN in AP mode. You need to install app-wireless (the deprecated app which will bring in app-wireless-core and hostapd among other packages). You also gain a further menu option, Webconfig > Network > Settings > Wireless Access Point. Some of the settings here are the same as in Webconfig > Network > Settings > IP Settings but there are conflicts. You can only use WPA/PSK or WPA/Infrastructure (Enterprise) on the LAN. WEP does not work (good!). Auto-channel selection does not work either (perhaps it was just intended for the WAN). You are restricted to 802.11g (and perhaps b). There is no 802.11n and no 5GHz support (so no 802.11ac). You are also restricted to a single LAN interface and no dual radio support. Really a separate hostapd.conf is needed for each NIC. For dual radio support you may be able to use a single hostapd.conf file but it could be cleaner to use a separate file.

In WPA/Enterprise mode, it uses Radius for authentication and worked last time I tested. FWIW Radius is actually broken as it was intended to be used but it is broken in such a way as it almost runs as vanilla Radius which is good! There was a bug that one of the two WiFi interfaces would hide the PSK if you switched to Infrastructure mode but would actually still use it as the Radius secret. The other interface switched the wording depending on the mode. It would be worth looking at https://tracker.clearos.com/view.php?id=19821" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">Bug 19821 if you start getting Radius problems. I think I have some further documentation somewhere as well.


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