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Why an Enterprise Suite

Tuesday August 2, 2016

In today’s fast digital world all businesses and organizations are required to work with multiple data sources to perform various functions. Multiple software are used to manage emails, websites, internal data, customers, sales and other processes. Choosing the right technologies, software and their combination is very important to increase organizational efficiency and productivity.

WikiSuite is a perfect example of Free open source software grouped together to form an Enterprise Suite to build & manage organizational data and increase performance. WikiSuite provides almost 80% of all the standard applications any organization needs.

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Working with different isolated softwares can be a hurdle in performance of your organization. WikiSuite integrates these software applications in one Enterprise Suite and increases efficiency, control and security of your data. It reduces your workload to manage users on different applications and once integrated you can use them all with the same user account. More also these applications are able to share information with each other to reduce redundant data in the system.


Organizations have multiple users connected at various levels working at different applications. WikiSuite provides shared communication channels between different resource groups to communicate from any device and platform. It simply can boost any organization’s performance by providing communication and sharing apps such as video conferencing, text messenger, screen sharing, and drawing board within an Enterprise Suite.


A well integrated Enterprise Suite provides administrators and managers better control and security of their data & resources. A distributed network of softwares and resources increase vulnerability for data losses, security holes and slow performance. WikiSuite provides complete control over all the data, its encryption and sharing.


WikiSuite is built from the ground up and is fully independent to function without the need of any additional softwares. Starting from the operating system to software applications and integration, everything is available within WikiSuite.

Being open source and having support of community behind every software application, WikiSuite do not lock down any organization. Organizations using WikiSuite can have complete control over their data without compromising/sharing it with any third party organizations. With a community behind software applications you get ongoing upgrades and new features.