XMPP chatrooms

New testing site: https://wikisuite.chat/

If your XMPP client supports the standard, you should be able to join the room, by clicking here: xmpp:WikiSuite@conference.wikisuite.chat?join

If that doesn't work, add conference.wikisuite.chat as a conference server, and then joint the WikiSuite room

We will progressively host some XMPP chatrooms for various Software Components.

Since XMPP is a federated protocol, you can just use your existing account. If you don't have an account, you can create a free one at https://conversejs.org/

To have your own firstname.lastname at wikisuite.net XMPP account, you need to ask an admin (such as Fabio or Serge) to create an account for you.






How does this work?

For this service, we are using Openfire and Converse. This is Dogfood!