Virtualmin vs YunoHost

YunoHost and Virtualmin have some similarities. This page is to explain the differences and rationale of choices.


  • Both are FLOSS platforms that facilitate self-hosting
  • Both are well supported platforms
  • Both offer email management
  • Tiki Wiki CMS groupware is supported in both.


  • Virtualmin is focused on being a platform for shared hosting (where each client has a distinct space). whereas YunoHost is first and foremost an app installer, and there are various levels of integrations.
  • YunoHost supports only Debian, whereas Virtualmin supports many distros (Debian, Ubuntu, Rocky Linux, etc.)
  • There is just one edition of YunoHost, whereas there is Virtualmin GPL and Virtualmin Pro (Paid).
  • YunoHost offers tons of applications for free, whereas Virtualmin GPL offers a small number. You need to get Virtualmin Pro to get a large number.
  • YunoHost is in Python, whereas Virtualmin is in Perl
  • YunoHost has out of the box support for XMPP