Standard domain name and port pattern

This is an attempt to propose an optimal standard subdomain name pattern for WikiSuite users. This should cover the server-side of WikiSuite (of course), but also the gateway use case.


ClearOS admin panel

server.example.org:81 : ClearOS admin panel and default web site (which will have nothing) and is what is shown if server is visited via IP address.

Why not use example.org:81? This permits to set up a new ClearOS server without affecting an existing website (ex.: if you already have a running site, and you want to set all this up in parallel, and migrate the website once everything is tested)

In fact, since port 81 can sometimes be blocked, we'd want management.server.example.org as an alternative to server.example.org:81


What domain name where files are stored
Tiki Manager manager.example.org see docs
main website example.org /var/www/virtual/example.org/html/
test upgrade next.example.org /var/www/virtual/next.example.org/html/ data from prod, code from trunk
staging staging.example.org /var/www/virtual/staging.example.org/html/ data from prod, code from tip of branch
Backup of a week ago oneweekago.example.org /var/www/virtual/oneweekago.example.org/html/ exact copy from 7 days ago
Ad hoc copy 20170431-11h55.example.org /var/www/virtual/20170431-11h55.example.org/ on demand exact copy


todo :mail / MX: example.org

CalDAV and CardDAV


Openfire / XMPP


Instead of https://example.org:7443/ofmeet/, we want https://ofmeet.example.org/ofmeet/ or even better: https://ofmeet.example.org/