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Pàdé is the Yoruba word for "Meet".

Pàdé (the "p" is pronounced explosively) is a Unified Communications Solution for Openfire.


  • Capability - Essential Unified Communications (Messaging/Chat, IP Audio/Video, Screen/Application Sharing, Remote Control and Telephony)
  • Communication Applications (Blogger, Message Blast, Team Meetings, Group Chat and Live Customer Chat)
  • Restful API for business application integration
  • Archiving of communication meta data, chat transcripts, audio and video media


  • Pàdé front-end is a web browser extension and available from Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox web app stores.
  • Pàdé back-end is Openfire for XMPP messaging, FreeSWITCH for SIP Telephony/MCU Conferencing and Jitsi for SFU Conferencing.
  • Pàdé can be deployed in-house, on premises on a private network or as a hosted service accessed from the internet.

Pàdé Front-End 

Is a web browser extension that contains:
Jitsi Meet for audio/video conferencing, screen share and real-time application collaboration (WebRTC)
ctxPhone for SIP based telephony with FreeSWITCH
Converse.js for XMPP chat client (both full page dedicated group chat and one-on-on pop-up chat) conferencing.
Other communication applications
Rest, SSE (server-sent events) API and JavaScript libs

Pàdé Back-End 

  • Openfire Server
  • Openfire Meetings Plugin (Jitsi)
  • Openfire Chat API Plugin (REST/SSE API)
  • Openfire Switch Plugin (FreeSWITCH)
  • Monitoring and Archiving Plugin
  • Bookmarks Plugin
  • Fastpath Plugin (live chat)
  • Solo Blogger Plugin

Business Communication Flows 

Com Flow




  • Pàdé uses standard TLS or MTLS Encryption on all client-to-server and server-to-server connections with server or both client/server certificates.
  • Two factor authentication with TOTP (Time based One Time Passwords) from a smart phone.
  • Open Identity System for the Decentralized Web (uPort)
  • End-to-End encryption can also be applied on demand in chat conversations.

Pàdé at Chrome App Store 

Not yet available for Edge, Firefox and Safari


Pàdé Registration & Sign-In (uPort) 


Pàdé Installed 


Pàdé Options 


Pàdé Group Chat 


Pàdé Private Chat 


Pàdé SIP Phone 

Screenshots15 03

Pàdé Meeting 

Screenshots16 03

Pàdé Screen Share 

Screenshots17 03

Pàdé Co-browsing 

Two or more users visiting various web pages and all are kept in sync with the leader.
Co Browsing

Pàdé Conversational Forms 

It dynamically converts any HTML form into a conversation between a user and a bot.
Conversation Form

The collected data can be sent server-side for processing. In the case of WebMeet, it is used as meta data to initiate a fastpath support session. More info at https://github.com/igniterealtime/Pade/issues/30.

Pàdé H5P interactive content 

Pàdé supports H5P, which enables the creation, sharing and reusing of interactive HTML5 content in your browser. One of the many examples is a quiz in a chat:

Pàdé Remote Control 

Escalate a screen sharing session to permit remote control of keyboard and mouse. Facilitates support, training, etc.
Screenshots18 03

Pàdé App/Doc Sharing 

Screenshots19 03

Pàdé Message Blast 

Screenshots20 03

Pàdé Realtime Collaboration on Diagrams 

Pade Diagram

Pàdé Screen/Audio/Video Capture 

Screenshots21 03

Pàdé Blogger 

Screenshots22 03

Pàdé Blog Web Site 

Screenshots23 03

Pàdé Live Chat 

Screenshot24 03

Pàdé Rest API 

Screenshot25 03

Pàdé Archiving 

Screenshot26 03

Pàdé Devices - TouchPad 

Screenshot27 03

Pàdé Devices - StreamDeck 

Screenshot28 03

Pàdé Devices - other features 

  • URL Protocol Handlers (ex.: 1-click join XMPP chatroom)
  • Branding (replace the logo with your organizations's logo)
  • And many more!





Native Apps packaging for OSX & Linux Pàdé for Firefox & MS Edge