How to install Syncthing on Virtualmin

A Syncthing installer for Virtualmin.

To install syncthing on virtualmin require few step to follow:

  • On to virtualmin tab , check for install scripts on the list menu

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  • by default it will open available scripts, look for syncthing on list script, select it and click on the v icon to open the installation page.

Select Thing

  • It will propose to enter the username and password to use while installation finished. note that username and password are mandatory in other case the installation will failed.

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- After installation finished, a link to join syncthing is provided. click on the link to access syncthing. use the username and password registered to start your session.
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How to update

By default the script install the lastest version of syncthing , in case you need to update :

  • Click on Webmin tab , on the left menu click on System then scroll down on the menu and click on the Software Package Updates link to open Software Package Updates page.

Software Update

  • Once _ Software Package Updates _ page open, by default it will open on Package Updates tab and the default display state will be on Only updates, select installed. when ready, search for syncthing. From the result, the actual version installed will display.

Syncthing Ver 1.0.0 2

But in somecase it will notify that there is an new version in case we need to update to the lastest one
New Version

  • Select syncthing from result, and clik on Update selected packages. It will open a new page that provide the package detail about the current version and the new version, then click on Install Now.

Current Vs New Version

When installation process finished, click on _ Return to package list button to back to A Software Package Updates __ and Voila! the update has been done.
After Update