How to build a system to demo WikiSuite

We'll start on this as soon as most of the apps are complete.

See also WikiSuite development environment


Build a fully functioning WikiSuite environment where admins simply have to configure a few things to enjoy the vast feature set. Ex.:

  • Set domain name and DNS
  • Create some users


  • Generating some time-limited hosted instances with a sub-domain (ex.: abc.suite.wiki, def.suite.wiki)
    • Pros: Easy for team testing and emails will work (joe@def.suite.wiki)
    • Cons: We need to set up such a hosting infrastructure. Danger of misbehavior (spam, etc.)
  • Generating a virtual machine which folks run on their environment
    • Pros: No need for hosting
    • Cons: Things like emails won't work well. Hard to share access and test tools

For any option, we need to be able to make a snapshot of a fully configured instance, but that has challenges:

  • A clone of a instance will require a change of the domain name.

Current script: https://gitlab.com/wikisuite/virtualmin-installer