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Bilal's Adjustment for 240 Words

Meet Bill.

He is on the lookout for an information management solution that fulfills all his organization's needs

In order to save time, he decides to go with an integrated solution, which offers much higher efficiency.

Bill checks out Google Apps and Microsoft Office Three Sixty-Five.

… But since he prefers to stay in control and be able to host the solution on his own servers or in the cloud, he decides to go with an Open Source solution instead.
That's when he discovers WikiSuite – the most comprehensive and integrated Free Software suite… and it covers all of Bill's needs.

Bill is intrigued by the name. He discovers that like Wikipedia, WikiSuite is a collaborative community that rather than producing content available to all, produces software available to all, so that organizations can better manage, control and use their own information, become data-driven and achieve their optimal performance.

Bill is please to see all the features in WikiSuite:

Email, Gateway, Firewall, VPN, Anti Spam Chat & Video Conference PBX phone system

Screen Sharing, Slideshow,

CRM, Shopping Cart, Sales Force

Web & Intranet
Website, CMS, Blog

Users, Encryption, Firewall

BPM & Analytics
Web Analytics, Reports, Surveys

Files & Sync
Backup, Versioning, Search

And with a community behind WikiSuite, Bill's confident that his future needs will also be covered... and he won't be locked in. And he can always rely on the community to get advice and help.

Follow Bill's example: Check out WikiSuite dot org today.

These are 247 words

Add sections about features Email, Website & Blog, Shopping Cart, Intranet & Project Management, E-learning, Social Networking, Knowledge base & Customer Support, File sharing, Issue Tracker, Video-conferencing, LDAP, VPN, Gateway, Network, etc.