Community Conference Calls

We'll hold occasional Community Conference Calls to get together and discuss WikiSuite.


1 or 2pm UTC to maximise participation.


  • We'll dogfood.
  • Participants can access with a browser that supports WebRTC. Please have a headset to avoid echo. You can use your webcam if you want to, but you don't have to. We'll record the conference. It is possible to share your screen by installing a Chrome or Firefox plugin


Introduction of participants

Each person takes a minute or two to introduce themselves. This also serves to make sure sound is OK for all.
Where do you live?
How do you use WikiSuite? (if this takes more than 30-60 seconds, please add in the Show and Tell section below)
Where do you want to see the project in the future?

Community coordination

Where / how should we be collaborating? Forums, etc.?


Branches, Release cycle, PHP minimum requirements, Commit access policy, etc.

Consulting ecosystem

There are some that are willing to sponsor WikiSuite work. How do we leverage this?

Show and Tell

Present some cool things you have made thanks to WikiSuite. Please add your topics here.


Let's discuss as a project where we want to be in 1-3 years.