WikiSuite Orchestrator

WikiSuite Orchestrator is to deploy, manage software, deploy data and configuration, monitor, aggregate data from and handle billing for a large number of WikiSuite instances. Each instance is an autonomous virtual machine, and can be moved to a different physical server.

Status: planning phase

Who is this for?

Who Benefit / use case
Business incubators Offer a platform to all your members, so they don't waste time / money on basic IT needs, and instead focus on their market differentiator
Enterprise and governments Large organizations may want to have autonomous entities, either as a subdomain or a different domain name
Universities Offer your professors and researchers secure collaboration spaces
Hosting companies Offer usable and integrated software instead of "just hosting"
Specialized SaaS service provider Ex.: a firm specialized in a vertical market like ISO compliance could deploy very focused WikiSuite instances for each project. To be combined with Tiki Profiles -> SaaS platform template
Consultants and digital agencies Quickly set up an instance for a client project
FLOSS / digital autonomy promotion associations (ex.: Framasoft, FACIL, etc.) Promote FLOSS in a more integrated fashion than the current Framasoft setup

High-level features


  • On-demand deployment of virtual machines with WikiSuite fully configured.




WikiSuite Orchestrator will permit to deploy hundreds of WikiSuite instances. But what if we want to benefit from network effects? We need to think of the "creep factor".

Use cases


The billing will typically be per instance, and per resources used (CPU, Disk space), regardless of the number of users


Automatic, Incremental, off-site and with some sort of test / alerting if something's not right (ex.: disk full)

Tiki instance to manage

  • Project / customer list
  • Domain name (use own or a provided sub-domain)
  • Access (passwords, public keys)
  • Payment
  • Monitoring? (probably better to handle from another system)
  • Registration
  • Launch request for services



  • Let's start with ClearOS (perhaps unregistered), Tiki and Openfire
  • Then, the others

Brainstorming for the future

What / where Marketing Security Management
WikiSuite instances Web Analytics IDS data aggregation ALM
Open Web Media Intelligence and Competitive intelligence Gateway Antiphishing n/a
Client devices n/a VPN MDM like Flyve MDM