How to build a system to demo WikiSuite

We'll start on this as soon as most of the apps are complete.

See also WikiSuite development environment


Build a fully functioning WikiSuite environment where admins simply have to configure a few things to enjoy the vast feature set. Ex.:

  • Set domain name and DNS
  • Create some users


  • Generating some time-limited hosted instances with a sub-domain (ex.: abc.suite.wiki, def.suite.wiki)
    • Pros: Easy for team testing and emails will work (joe@def.suite.wiki)
    • Cons: We need to set up such a hosting infrastructure. Danger of misbehavior (spam, etc.)
  • Generating a virtual machine which folks run on their environment
    • Pros: No need for hosting
    • Cons: Things like emails won't work well. Hard to share access and test tools

For any option, we need to be able to make a snapshot of a fully configured ClearOS instance, but that has challenges:

  • A clone of a ClearOS instance will have same ID as the original, causing issues with ClearCenter registration system
  • We can't register users because we don't have the info

So perhaps we could set up a fully working WikiSuite instance as unregistered, and as they get used, admins are encouraged to register. While unregistered, some features (such as the market place) won't be available. We want everything to work for at least 60 days without needing to register.

ClearOS would need to be installed as unregistered with all apps with the following pattern (because marketplace GUI is not available, they can't install via GUI). Unique system SSH keys would need to be removed before packing the virtual machine, so when each VM is booted, it gets a unique key.

Building WikiSuite with all the packages

This will install packages useful for the most commonly uses apps in WikiSuite. Kimchi is exempted because this will typically already be running virtualized.

Not yet properly packaged


  • What files must we delete for the system to regenerate SSH keys at next reboot?

rm -f /etc/ssh/*key*

To do

  • Later, we want instead to do yum-config-manager --enable clearos-epel but this is not working in unregistered mode.
  • Convert all these components to be proper ClearOS apps

How to find relevant package names?

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