Virtualmin Tiki Manager PHP 7.4 to 8.1

Virtualmin Tiki Manager PHP 7.4 to 8.1

Context: in May 2023, Tiki trunk/master changed requirements from PHP 7.4 to 8.1. So if you have some Tiki instances running trunk/master with Virtualmin Tiki Manager, they will not upgrade automatically. Here is what you must do:

1.1. Update your PHP version in Virtualmin

  • Pick Virtualmin Virtual Server -> Server configuration -> PHP Options
    • PHP script execution mode: FPM
    • PHP service maximum sub-processes: Default
    • Maximum PHP script run time: 30 seconds
    • PHP version: 8.1.x
    • PHP error log file: Default log file /home/username/logs/php_log

If you are running trunk/master, you are likely in a development context, and if you want error messages displayed:

  • Services -> PHP-FPM Configuration
    • Error Logging
      • Display error messages: Yes
      • Error types to display: All errors and warnings

1.2. Update your PHP version in Tiki Manager


  • Pick Virtualmin Virtual Server -> Services -> Tiki Manager -> Instance Detect

SSH as root

  • cd /opt/tiki-manager/app
  • php tiki-manager instance:detect

1.3. Tiki manager update


Services -> Tiki Manager -> Instance Update -> Update

SSH as root

  • cd /opt/tiki-manager/app
  • php tiki-manager instance:update

1.4. Test

  1. Login and do a quick check that the site is OK
  2. Review tiki-check.php