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Latest updates

2022-09-29 REST API Openfire plugin 1.10.0 released
2022-09-28 Openfire Monitoring Plugin 2.3.1 released
2022-09-27 Jitsi Meet 2.0.7830 released
2022-09-27 Marc Laporte interviewed on the Between the Brackets podcast (episode 122).
2022-09-26 The WikiSuite installer now uses the official Virtualmin 7 installer! Debian 10 and 11 confirmed working (Other OSs will be worked on in coming weeks/months)
2022-09-26 Old (pre-Virtualmin 6) repositories deprecated
2022-09-25 Webmin 2.001 released
2022-09-25 Virtualmin module 7.2 released
2022-09-25 Virtualmin-Config 7.0.2 released
2022-09-20 Authentic Theme 20.02 release overview
2022-09-19 We are now Testing Virtualmin 7
2022-09-13 Xibo CMS 3.1.5 released
2022-09-13 https://xibosignage.com/blog/3-2-0-released Xibo 3.2.0 released
2022-09-08 Virtualmin installer 7.0 released. Work is ongoing to port the WikiSuite installer.
2022-09-06 MeshCentral - Agent update, Paging, SMS gateway, Help emails, LDAP/OpenID, Web relay sharing
2022-09-06 Syncthing v1.21.0 released
2022-09-02 Added a page about Soprani.ca: a vision of freedom-respecting and interoperable communication using open standards, including projects that generalize phone numbers so they're easier to use from computers, tablets, and any other device.
2022-08-31 Openfire Pàdé plugin 1.7.1 released

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