While Wikipedia is the broadest unified body of knowledge, WikiSuite is the most comprehensive and integrated Open Source enterprise solution.
WikiSuite is especially suited to knowledge-centric organizations and offers most (80%+) of the data and information management features all organizations need.

  • Free / Libre / Open Source Software (FLOSS)No software license fee, full access to the source code, etc.
  • Self-host or Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Verifiable SecurityYou can self host, you can audit the code.
  • Community-managedYou can get involved and influence the roadmap!
  • Extensive web admin panelsPower Users can configure the tools without the need for software developers or to edit configuration files.
  • Paid support is availableThis is optional of course! The architects of the solution are available for consulting (Support, sponsored development, training, configuration and customization, business consulting, etc.)
  • No vendor lock-inYou can hire anyone you want to provide you support. The best is to develop expertise in your organization, and hire external help for specialized or punctual needs.
  • Integrated and Extensible SolutionIntegrated for higher efficiency

    Extensible to cover future growth and unforeseen needs.