Syncthing in WikiSuite

This is to brainstorm, make a roadmap and eventually develop interoperability between Syncthing, Tiki and ClearOS in the context of WikiSuite.

We will use ClearOS and Tiki to complement Syncthing's feature-set to make an awesome full-featured file sync server. For example:

  • Syncthing has no concept of users, just devices. So we could map devices to users.
  • Syncthing can't be used to share files via an email. This is trivial to add to ClearOS or Tiki.

Tiki-Syncthing interop 

Use cases 

  • Isabelle has a directory of all files related to design, with subfolders by customer.
  • Marcel works on various files, and Charles and others need access
  • Files that are generated by a job or process
  • Nathalie needs to privately share a video and has this problem: https://xkcd.com/949/


  • Link to latest version of a specific file
  • List all files (sorted)
  • List only files from a specific customer
  • List recent changes
  • Compare with previous version (we'd need viewers / converters)
  • Embed most recent version in relevant viewer (ex.: ViewerJS, PluginMediaPlayer)
  • Share a file by email. So a unique URL permits to download a file which is managed by Syncthing -> https://doc.tiki.org/Share
    • Useful for big files

Wiki Syntax 

{syncthing folder=abc sort=lastmodified startatsubfolder="UQAM"}

Random questions / ideas 

  • ClearOS: How to have an instance available for each user? They should run as different users. done
  • In the ClearOS GUI, users should be able to manage their Syncthing instance. done
  • And they should have access to their FlexShare directories
  • Syncthing should be restricted to specific directories on a default setup (it's to sync user data, not the OS)
    • Not: Syncthing is no longer running as root
  • How to have Tiki File Gallery interop?
  • How to have interop with ClearOS Flexshares (Samba)
  • Should ClearOS devices per use be tracked in ClearOS's OpenLDAP?