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Latest updates

2019-05-07 Tiki Trackers were presented at the Linux-Meetup in Montréal (in French)
2019-04-24 Added PHP 7.2 support
2019-04-11 You are invited to help test http://WikiSuite.chat
2019-03-22 Syncthing v1.1.0 Released
2019-03-18 XIBO 2.0.0 Released
2019-03-12 Jitsi Meet for Mobile 19.0 Released
2019-02-13 Cigref published a report “Open source, an alternative to major IT providers”
2019-02-05 Affirmation of the Open Source Definition
2019-02-02 JMAP, Pàdé, Converse, Elasticsearch, and Tiki presented at FOSDEM 2019 in Brussels. Come and meet the team!
2019-01-12 Openfire 4.3.0 Release
2019-01-01 Syncthing v1.0.0 Release
2018-12-27 JMAP is on the home straight
2018-12-13 Tiki 19.0 released: on wikisuite.org, on tiki.org
2018-11-29 Report on the Dusseldorf XMPP sprint

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