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2020-03: Cyrus 3.2 with JMAP support.

Latest updates

2020-01-20 KeePass 2.44 released
2020-01-16 Xibo 2.2.2 Released
2020-01-10 Openfire 4.5.0 Released
2020-01-07 Kimchi 3.0.0 released
2020-01-07 Syncthing v1.3.3 Released
2019-12-06 Jitsi Meet: New Presenter Mode
2019-11-26 Jitsi Meet now available on F-Droid
2019-11-26 Xibo 2.2.0 Released
2019-11-12 Openfire 4.4.4 Released
2019-11-05 Syncthing v1.3.1 Released
2019-10-21 ClearOS Server 7.7 Released
2019-10-01 Elasticsearch 7.4.0 Released
2019-09-21 Presentation: State of WikiSuite in 2019 (in French) by Marc Laporte, project founder. slides, video (in French). Slides in English

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