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Files and Syncing

Take control of your data security, distribution, and safety

Storing, organizing, and sharing data files is an essential part of any organization today. WikiSuite includes a file management system that empowers its users to store and share files with others within the organization or with third-party resources securely and effectively.

Key capabilities include managing backups, file versioning, folders, and making data easily accessible. Never lose an important file again!

Files & Sync
Wikisuite Files Mobile

Work without any file size or quantity limitations. Never hand over your private data to any third-party service providers. Own your technology and data. All data transfers are encrypted and follow strict data privacy policies.



  • Automated backups
  • Whenever backup device connects


  • Archive old versions
  • Folders configurable for versioning
  • Automatically remove files from trash older than a specified number of days
  • Control number of versions for a file

Master Folders

  • Protect files from being changed in master folders
  • Override changes if master folder becomes out of sync

Files of Any Size

  • No limit on file size

Search within Files

  • The Tiki file galleries have handlers for .pdf, .doc, .xls, etc.

Multi-Device File Syncing

  • Securely connect multiple devices
  • Auto-sync files when connected

Offline Access

  • Data available when offline
  • Store data on your own machine


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