To do

Description Assigned toPriority
YouTube page M. Bilal Siddiq4
XMPP presence indicator in webmail, and mini-chat4
Xibo support on CentOS 7.x (ex.: via Docker)4
WikiSuite Orchestrator4
WikiSuite development environment2
WikiSuite demo instance (refreshed periodically)2
WikiSuite Blockchain prototype5 (low)
Users / groups / permissions for ClearOS interop with Kimchi5 (low)
Use Tiki categories and/ or tags outside of Tiki (ex.: Emails, Files, etc.)5 (low)
Translate wikisuite.org to Spanish4
Translate wikisuite.org to French4
Tiki Newsletters and Cyrus IMAP interoperability5 (low)
Test FusionPBX with SQLite4
Test and document the Jitsi - Tiki provisionning in the context of WikiSuite5 (low)
Strategy to attract service providers4
Set up proper onboarding process3
Set up proper community channels4
Set up Dogfood server (XMPP, Piwik, etc.)3
Review User TrackerM. Bilal Siddiq2
Review all listingsM. Bilal Siddiq2
Revamp home page when we get video (and add more text about benefits like no lock-in)2
Permit to phone in and out of a WebRTC videoconferenceguus.der.kinderen2
Permit Openfire Meetings to anonymous users for certain rooms 2
Openfire XMPP chat and video logs to be searchable, and accessible to Tiki3
Openfire Meetings planner to be a resource calendar in Tiki5 (low)
Online shop for promotional items5 (low)
Migrate all relevant content from https://suite.tiki.org/Tiki+SuiteMarc Laporte3
Make app-kimchi Check and Fix Missing KVM Settings2
Make a WikiSuite slideshow, dogfooding of courseM. Bilal Siddiq2
Make a series of screencasts to show off the most important features5 (low)
Make a contact tracker (instead of emailing project founder)5 (low)
Mailing lists without Mailman, using only Tiki and ClearOS groups3
Look into https://reproducible-builds.org5 (low)
Kimchi and Let's Encrypt5 (low)
Jitsi Meet: Pre-flight checklist like BigBlueButton4
Investigate tools to facilitate management on the command line 5 (low)
Investigate for a solution to permit self-hosting without a fixed IP address (such as PageKite)4
Interoperability between Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware and Openfire4
Improve --Make-- a proper description of alternatives, and explain how WikiSuite is different3
Implement Multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all apps2
IMAP folder tracker field type5 (low)
Get 90 seconds video, to be shared on social mediaMarc Laporte2
FusionPBX / FreeSWITCH access to ClearOS OpenLDAP / Tiki address book5 (low)
Files on disk (can be in ClearOS's FlexShare and or Syncthing) to be accessible to Elasticsearch and Tiki3
Fail2ban should be checked in clearos (attack detector) to ensure the correct param are set to prevent more than just a few (<10) connection attempts2
Extend Syncthing in WikiSuite to offer the functionality of Seafile, OwnCloud, etc. (ClearOS, Tiki and Syncthing interoperability)3
Explore adding features to Remote Control app (ex.: Screencast)3
Explicit community model and how to get involved3
Explain why each componentMarc Laporte3
Elaborate and document strategy with all Social Media accounts we have (Twitter, etc.)4
Dogfood: preview side-by-side diff: blank instead of diffjonny.bradley3
Dogfood WikiSuite for Community Conference Calls4
Document logging, monitoring and alerting options4
Document how to move VMs from Linode to Kimchi and vice versaManassé Ngudia4
Cyrus data (IMAP/JMAP mailboxes, but perhaps also Contacts and Events) to be accessible to Elasticsearch and Tiki3
Create ClearOS apps for FusionPBX and FreeSWITCH5 (low)
Create ClearOS app for Xibo5 (low)
Create ClearOS app for WikiSuite3
Create ClearOS app for TRIM, from which to install Tiki2
Create ClearOS app for Kaltura5 (low)
Convert Jitsi Meet to BootstrapLukas 'luci' Masek2
Consider OCS Inventory NG to be a WikiSuite Component5 (low)
Complete Branding document and guide3
ClearOS in Gateway Mode Refuses to Route KVMs2
ClearOS content filters applied to Tiki content to detect posting of bad content5 (low)
ClearOS and Kimchi: try to find a way in the GUI for Kimchi to use an external DHCP server4
Build an awesome CRM, with all relevant components working smartly together4
Attack detector (Fail2ban) for Clearos: add more info and options to admin panel5 (low)
Anonymous users do not have edit rights, and thus not be offered inline editsjonny.bradley3
Address the software development use case (Phabricator vs Gitlab vs Tuleap vs Allura vs ...)5 (low)
Add WikiSuite.org/Benefits inspired by tiki.org/Benefits4
Add Team functionality to password management (web access to KeePass data)4
Add support for Tiki to be able to use TogetherJS in Openfire instead of standalone instance or SaaSguus.der.kinderen, Victor Emanouilov2
Add a proofreading tool to WikiSuite (Grammar, spelling, etc.)5 (low)
Add a Chatbot to WikiSuite5 (low)
Access ClearOS/OpenLDAP address book from Jitsi (Test and document)5 (low)


DescriptionAssigned toPriority
Make development plan with ClearOS core teamMarc Laporte1 (high)
Build relevant top menuM. Bilal Siddiq1 (high)
Update Openfire Meetings to latest version of Jitsi Meet, and make sure all new features are made available (ex.: Streaming)guus.der.kinderen1 (high)
upgrade wikisuite.org to 16.xbenoit.roy1 (high)
Create ClearOS app for Openfire Meetingsguus.der.kinderen2
prism-break.org : Propose a new category for suites2
Participate to Roundcube Next and JMAP integrationMarc Laporte2
run mysql_secure_installation in unattended mode at wikisuite install time (after mariadb)2
ClearOS Web Server: When creating or editing a web space, it should be possible to pick PHP versions (7.1 vs 7.0 vs 5.6)2
ClearOS: better segmentation of web spaces (permissions, data storage, etc.)2
Picking PHP Version for Crontab Scripts2
Make sure ClearOS-Tiki-LDAP all play nice together (create a new LDAP bind type for ClearOS)3
Create ClearOS apps for Elasticsearch and Kibana3
Timezone issue between Kolab and Outlook3
Roundcube: Add a "send and archive" or "reply and archive" button3
Add H5P support to Openfire and Tiki3
ReferenceError: SpiceMainConn is not defined when trying to use Spice on Kimchi app for ClearOS (VNC is fine)3
Convert ConverseJS to Bootstrap 4benoit.roy3
Create ClearOS app for Syncthing4
Create a Kolab app for ClearOS4
Done: Create ClearOS app for Kimchi (incl. KVM)4
Kolab calendar updates on Android (DAVdroid): email notifications are not being sent4
Convert Kolab admin panel to Bootstrap5 (low)
Create ClearOS app for Matomo5 (low)
Document how to configure Content Delivery Network for Tiki and ClearOSMarc Laporte5 (low)
Syncthing and Kolab interoperability5 (low)
Convert Openfire admin panel to BootstrapManassé Ngudia5 (low)

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