DescriptionAssigned to Priority
Create ClearOS app for Syncthing4
prism-break.org : Propose a new category for suites2
Make sure ClearOS-Tiki-LDAP all play nice together (create a new LDAP bind type for ClearOS)3
Convert Kolab admin panel to Bootstrap5 (low)
Create a Kolab app for ClearOS4
Done: Create ClearOS app for Kimchi (incl. KVM)4
Create ClearOS app for Matomo5 (low)
Create ClearOS apps for Elasticsearch and Kibana3
run mysql_secure_installation in unattended mode at wikisuite install time (after mariadb)2
Syncthing and Kolab interoperability5 (low)
ClearOS Web Server: When creating or editing a web space, it should be possible to pick PHP versions (7.1 vs 7.0 vs 5.6)2
Timezone issue between Kolab and Outlook3
Roundcube: Add a "send and archive" or "reply and archive" button3
Add H5P support to Openfire and Tiki3
Kolab calendar updates on Android (DAVdroid): email notifications are not being sent4
ClearOS: better segmentation of web spaces (permissions, data storage, etc.)2
ReferenceError: SpiceMainConn is not defined when trying to use Spice on Kimchi app for ClearOS (VNC is fine)3
Picking PHP Version for Crontab Scripts2
upgrade wikisuite.org to 16.xbenoit.roy1 (high)
Convert ConverseJS to Bootstrap 4benoit.roy3
Build relevant top menuM. Bilal Siddiq1 (high)
Create ClearOS app for Openfire Meetingsguus.der.kinderen2
Update Openfire Meetings to latest version of Jitsi Meet, and make sure all new features are made available (ex.: Streaming)guus.der.kinderen1 (high)
Convert Openfire admin panel to BootstrapManassé Ngudia5 (low)
Make development plan with ClearOS core teamMarc Laporte1 (high)
Document how to configure Content Delivery Network for Tiki and ClearOSMarc Laporte5 (low)
Participate to Roundcube Next and JMAP integrationMarc Laporte2

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