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Saturday September 22, 2018

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WikiSuite is a modern enterprise suite with such broad and deep capabilities that it can truly be called a "business operating system" ~--~ an enterprise suite that encompasses most of the business processes found in typical diversified companies and organizations. To meet its objectives, every enterprise, large or small, requires a digital platform strategy that addresses its business and IT needs. WikiSuite is composed of specialized technologies designed precisely to meet the digital needs of today's organizations.

Here is an overview of WikiSuite - the business operating system.

Underlying OS

WikiSuite runs on a Linux-based open source operating system especially built for server, network and gateway systems. It can be installed to power your local intranet and/or your presence on the Internet, depending on your connectivity requirements. It provides a secure platform for all of the WikiSuite applications. For details, please visit


One of the first and most basic requirements of any business is effective communication, through multiple channels and in real time. WikiSuite provides solutions from traditional email to advanced video conferencing. Find out more about WikiSuite Chat and Video Conferencing and Email and Calendar features.


Teams with a superior ability to collaborate and integrate naturally work more smoothly and produce better results. WikiSuite offers features ranging from automated file syncing to real-time collaborative content development for your teams in a secure and controlled environment. With WikiSuite, you can set up user group and category areas to provide appropriate user access to specific segments of the system. Multiple group and object-level user rights enable the management of many people in the system.

Knowledge Sharing

Information created can be shared by setting up public and private web portals. WikiSuite builds websites equipped with modern features such as a CMS (for news and announcements), blogs, forums, e-commerce solutions and more. For an extensive list of the WikiSuite web application features, please visit

Business Processes

WikiSuite can help you design and control your business operations management. Optimize your performance with centralized and integrated management features. No matter if it's manufacturing, retail, marketing or research, or other field, WikiSuite offers flexible tools and technologies to manage and improve processes with statistical data and other information. Analyze and make better decisions informed by actual data available in real time. Find out more at

Choosing the right technologies for any organization is a critical decision. All WikiSuite apps are industry-leading open source technologies and are being actively developed by their respective teams and communities. The WikiSuite team itself works directly with other relevant open source projects and brings them together within the WikiSuite platform as the most comprehensive and integrated Free / Libre / Open Source enterprise software suite.

What can this business operating system do for you?

Once configured and deployed for your organization, it will become an invaluable and important asset for your organization. Here are some abilities you have with WikiSuite that make it the best option for any small or medium organization, especially one that is knowledge-centered.

Where we are headed

WikiSuite is working directly with the teams behind the spectacular open source systems integrated with it. Forming a unique set of features and tools to manage data in any organization. Founded in 2011, WikiSuite is the most comprehensive and integrated open source enterprise suite available today for Free. Our mission is to empower organizations better manage, secure and use their information, to become data-driven, and achieve their optimal performance.

Getting started ~--~ : How to Install WikiSuite

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