WikiSuite Unconference 1

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A WikiSuite Unconference, which includes events for the various Software Components


Friday September 7th to Wednesday September 19th (12 days). With some parts more official, and some parts more optional.

It is highly recommended to stay longer and participate to:


Montréal, Québec, Canada,

How much

It is free to attend this event.

For visitors, you may need a visa and/or an ETA

The process has changed recently. So you may need a visa and/or an ETA:
If you need any help to get a visa, contact Marc Laporte


  • We have lodging available with local community members so just get in touch with Marc Laporte for more information.


Everything related to WikiSuite and the various Software Components

Architectural integrity monitoring and the WikiSuite stack

September 11th, at Concordia University, with the participation of Carleton University
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Real time Collaboration

XMPP: Openfire + Pàdé + Converse + WebRTC: Jitsi Meet: Mostly focused on September 8-9-10-11-12



  • Hackathon and testing on all the ClearOS apps: Source Code

Roadmap presentations

  • Where WikiSuite is headed (features and community model) (Marc Laporte)
  • Where Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware is headed (features and community model) (Marc Laporte)

Please see: