How to set up websites on ClearOS

2021-07-20: WikiSuite will now support all major Linux distros. Thus, the information below is no longer updated. It may still be valid, or not. It will be eventually removed from this site, so anything relevant should be moved to the appropriate site. For anything related to ClearOS, please search among the following: ClearOS site, code base, Developer docs, Wiki or forum.

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You need to create a website in ClearOS as per https://www.clearos.com/resources/documentation/clearos/content:en_us:7_ug_web_server

Some steps may show up if you haven't done before

  • Set up your certificate information (just fill in the info)
  • Choose between OpenLDAP, Samba and Active Directory. Pick OpenLDAP.

Best practice is to not to use your main domain name as your default website.

Default domain: server.example.org

Additional domain: example.org

files will be at /var/www/virtual/server.org/html/

Pick PHP 5.6 instead of PHP 5.4 when you create new websites -> How to install a PHP version picker on ClearOS

Please note that you must also configure your DNS to point (sub)domains to your server. This is a service typically offered by your domain registrar.

How to restart Apache

service httpd restart

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