How to install Tiki with TRIM

Tiki Remote Instance Manager has been superceded by Tiki Manager.

2021-07-20: WikiSuite will now support all major Linux distros. Thus, the information below is no longer updated. It may still be valid, or not. It will be eventually removed from this site, so anything relevant should be moved to the appropriate site. For anything related to ClearOS, please search among the following: ClearOS site, code base, Developer docs, Wiki or forum.

Please contact us if you would like to help out.

We are actively working on building a Tiki Manager app for ClearOS to turn this into a much simpler install process like we already have for Kimchi, Elasticsearch, Openfire and Syncthing. But for now, you need to install as explained below, which is easy if you have experience in installing web applications.

Instead of using TRIM, you may want to install manually: How to install Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware on ClearOS

TRIM is the Tiki Remote Instance Manager. It permits to handle many tasks (install, update, backup, check security, etc.) with minimum effort. While TRIM is designed to manage Tikis remotely, it can also manage on the same server. Full documentation is available at https://doc.tiki.org/TRIM

This document will guide you to do some of the main operations in the context of WikiSuite (and thus, TRIM on ClearOS). So instead of installing Tiki directly, you install TRIM and use it to install one or many Tiki instances. You'll likely also be interested in TRIM and Syncthing for automated offsite backups


Setup TRIM


TRIM requires PHP 5 and the make command. Here is a tool to check server has all the dependencies: https://doc.tiki.org/Server-Check

On ClearOS, you should do the following:


Create directory
mkdir /var/local/trim

Move to this new directory
cd /var/local/trim

Install TRIM in current directory
svn co https://svn.code.sf.net/p/tikiwiki/code/trim .

As of 2018-10-20, TRIM requires more than the default PHP 5.4, so you need to set to PHP 7.1, but this will be reverted, and Tiki Manager will require PHP 7.1 (Tiki Manager is like TRIM 2.0)

Set this directory to use PHP 7.1
nano .phpenv

Type 71, and then exit (with save)
If you wanted PHP 5.6, you'd indicate 56, and PHP 7.0 is 70

For websites, you just pick this value in the web interface. But since this is a non-web accessible directory, it is done manually

Set up websites on ClearOS

It is important that your Tiki site not be the default website because TRIM's defaults are to use virtual domains. The first website is in /var/www/html and the following ones has this pattern: /var/www/virtual/example.org/html/

make instance

To create an instance, you need to type: make instance

pick local

you'll need the MariaDB root password

Updating or upgrading